Hyundai’s Instagram Quiz a Clever Use of Social Media

Hyundai’s Instagram Quiz a Clever Use of Social Media

Hyundai has found a creative way to help car shoppers find the right crossover or SUV.

The Korean automaker turned to Instagram, creating an easy-to-follow quiz that spans across 18 different Instagram accounts and nearly 400 images to help shoppers determine whether the Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport or Tucson is the right vehicle for them.

Essentially, users answer basic questions by selecting the image that represents their choice, and each answer takes them to a new Instagram account with a new question and new choices. Depending on which path they go down, each user will end up at one of three accounts matched to one of the Korean automaker’s crossover or SUV models.

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Questions on the quiz include “What time of the day makes you happiest?” and “What one thing do you always have with you?” If you’re interested in taking the quiz to see which Hyundai crossover or SUV is right for you, click here.

See a video of how it works below:

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