Infiniti Q30 set to Debut in Frankfurt

Infiniti Q30 set to Debut in Frankfurt

Infiniti is set to reveal a production version of its stylish Q30 concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which starts in mid September.

Infiniti Q30 ConceptThe Japanese luxury brand released a “spy photo” of this compact hatchback in advance of its big German unveiling. This production model comes two years after the concept version was revealed to the public at the last Frankfurt show.

What is the Q30? It’s an entry-level model that’s smaller than the brand’s Q50 midsize sedan though in the words of Alfonso Albaisa, the company’s executive design director it’s a vehicle that will redefine its segment. He calls the car a combination of lust and logic, something that melds outstanding exterior style and impressive practicality.

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Glancing at the provided “spy photo,” it appears as though the production model has retained much of the concept’s swanky design. However, in profile the Q30 seems to resemble a Mazda3, for better or worse. In reality, the Q30 uses the same platform as the Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA-Class. You can expect it to debut with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine borrowed from Mercedes as well.

At this point all the heavy-duty development work on this car is done and now the company is testing and validating it before releasing it to dealerships.

The new Infiniti Q30 is set to go on sale in Europe toward the end of this year. It will arrive in other markets after that.

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