Koenigsegg Could be Developing a Track-Only Hypercar

Koenigsegg might build a brand new track-only hypercar, according to the brand’s CEO. 

While answering questions on the company’s website as part of an Ask Me Anything (AMA), CEO Christian von Koenigsegg confirmed that the company is looking into building a brand new track-only car that won’t be based on the existing One:1, since that model was optimized as a road car with incredible track performance. If the company does build this special non-street legal model, it would be built from the ground up with that philosophy in mind.

The AMA also revealed that Koenigsegg and his company are currently not interested in the supercar market, calling it a “hornet’s nest.” Although he believes Koenigsegg has something to offer within the supercar market, which are cars with between 500 and 700 horsepower, the company has no immediate plans on entering and likely won’t in the near future.

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Other interesting tidbits from the recent AMA posting include the fact that Koenigsegg has considered building a four seater, although that’s all the details he was willing to spill. He also goes quite in depth on the Regera and its powertrain as well as saying that he believes electric vehicles have “turned the corner” for daily driving

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