Lamborghini Will Sell More Cars This Year Than Ever Before

Lamborghini is about to have its best year ever, all thanks to the new Huracan.

And the brand will only continue to grow from there, with the introduction of the new Huracan Spyder (convertible) today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Speaking in Frankfurt, Lambo CEO Stephan Winkelmann touted his brand’s success, stating that 2015 will mark a new sales record for the automaker. Last year Lamborghini sold 2,530 new vehicles, topping the 2008 record of just over 2,400.

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To emphasize just how big of a success the Huracan has been, Winkelmann said that in its first 15 months Lamborghini has delivered 3,000 units. In comparison, the Gallardo, which holds the record as the best-selling Lamborghini of all time, sold 1,700 units during its initial 15 months on sale.

Another important statistic is that of the 3,000 buyers, roughly half are new to the brand.

Winkelmann touted product awareness and an increased brand image for Lamborghini’s continued success.

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