Land Rover Wants to Make Your Trailer See Through

Land Rover is working on a new technology that would make trailers transparent in the rearview mirror.

Being demonstrated at Burghley House Trials, Land Rover researchers have developed an innovative camera system that will make a trailer or caravan appear see-through in the rearview mirror.

The technology aims to completely remove the blind spot created when towing a large object, allowing the driver to clearly see vehicles behind the trailer or caravan. The prototype “Transparent Trailer” system combines the video feed from the vehicle’s existing surround camera system with a video from a digital wireless camera that is placed on the rear of whatever is being towed.

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When reversing, the driver will also be able to view the camera feed from the back of the caravan of trailer on the infotainment screen with guide lines configured to help reverse both car and trailer.

“When you are overtaking it is instinctive to check your mirrors, but if you are towing your vision is often restricted with large blind spots,” said Dr. Wolfgang Epple, director of research and technology at Jaguar Land Rover. “Our Transparent Trailer project is researching how we could offer a view out of the vehicle unrestricted by your trailer, no matter what its size or shape. Our prototype system offers a very high quality video image with no distortion of other cars or obstructions. This means the driver would have exactly the right information to make safe and effective decisions when driving or manoeuvring, making towing safer and less stressful.”

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