New Toyota C-HR Concept Brings the Prius Crossover Closer to Reality


Toyota took another step towards making a Prius crossover a reality today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Debuting an updated version of its C-HR concept, the latest version of the hybrid utility vehicle has evolved with a toned-down paint scheme and two extra doors.

This new five-door model ” represents a step toward commercialization,” Toyota says, with plans to introduce a production version as early as the Geneva Motor Show next March.

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Based on Toyota’s new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which also underpins new models like the new Prius and next-generation Corolla, the C-HR concept uses a new hybrid powertrain – likely the very same one used in the new 2016 Toyota Prius.

With promises of over 55 mpg on that car, the production C-HR would certainly become the most fuel efficient non-plug-in utility vehicle on the market.

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  • Mark Wheeler

    say Nissan Joke? lol

    & fugly.

  • Oli

    This is the kind of car I want. A coupe what is also good for soft off-roading! Would love to have such a car. Looks really cool…. although the nose is a bit Renaultish.

  • Mike

    This country has NEED ED a vehicle like this for 40 years! Anybody that says different is mentally challenged!