Nissan Gripz Concept Video, First Look

Nissan Gripz Concept Video, First Look

Nissan could be changing things up with its Z nameplate.

Bowing at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was the Nissan Gripz concept, and having a “z” at the end of the name isn’t so the Japanese automaker can be trendy. Recent reports say that Nissan is considering a crossover for the next-generation Z model. At the show, Nissan claims that the Gripz won’t serve as a direct replacement for an existing model but previews what future compact crossovers will look like for the brand.

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The powertrain is quite interesting with Nissan using the same electric engine found in the Leaf along with an unspecified gasoline engine that acts as a generator. Combined, the Gripz concept boasts 107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque, and although those numbers aren’t impressive, Nissan promises that it “delivers a smooth, refined and exhilarating driving experience.”

Whether or not the Gripz concept will become the next Z model remains to be unseen, so for now, check out our first look video below and prepare yourself for some radical changes to the Nissan brand.

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  • smartacus

    this is a “new thing” now with high ground clearance and low roof height