Paul Walker’s Daughter Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Porsche

Paul Walker’s Daughter Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Porsche

Porsche is to blame for the death of Paul Walker, claims a wrongful death suit filed today by lawyer’s representing his daughter.

The Porsche Carrera GT supercar, driven by Roger Rodas at the time, has numerous flaws resulting in Walker’s death, says the suit, submitted on Meadow Walker’s behalf.

The suit goes into horrific detail as to how Walker died, claiming that the seat belt, “snapped Walker’s torso back with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis.” The suit also says that the “defective” seat belt trapped Walker in the car, causing him to be burnt alive.

Perhaps more importantly, the suit claims that Walker would still be alive if the car was equipped with a stability control system, a technology Porsche did offer at the time, but not on the Carrera GT. The suit says that Porsche knew, “that the Carrera GT had a history of instability and control issues,” but did not include stability control, which is “specifically designed to protect against the swerving actions inherent in hyper-sensitive vehicles of this type.”

Meadow’s attorney, Jeff Milam, speaking with People magazine, said that, “The Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car. It doesn’t belong on the street. And we shouldn’t be without Paul Walker or his friend, Roger Rodas.”

The amount of the damages Meadow is seeking is not listed in the lawsuit.

[Source: People]

  • Everyone Isanexpert

    Looks like some slimeball lawyer is just out to get his 25%. How stupid. You’re telling me PW’s friend wasn’t driving wrecklessly. One less rotten apple on the road. Next…

  • Isend2C

    These kinds of cars are exactly the sort that car enthusiasts like Walker want. This is absurd, it’s a capitalist market and they were not forced to either buy the car, ride in it or drive it.
    Srsly wish America would stop allowing such BS cases.

  • Mike

    Stupid money grab. It all happened because of reckless driving. She should sue the dead friend’s estate.

  • George Bishopric

    From what I’ve read, and I’ve certainly never experienced one, the car is treacherous to drive. Seems quite a few have been in one-car accidents. They may have a case. Will be interesting to see.

  • smartacus

    Affording one does not equate to natural ability at controlling one.
    In fact; affording one seems to drastically raises likelihood of inability.

    This may bring forth a change that’s been a long time coming;
    Automakers must find a way to stop indiscriminately selling to just anybody
    …or the God Almighty government will SWAT and flashbang right in and make NOBODY have one.

  • whateverdude

    Women…No surprises here.

  • Phil

    wow! I’m sure she’s already well off as it is … but too much is never enough…
    thanks to her, all cars sold here will soon be governed at 75mph… what a **** !!!

  • earl

    Sure lady….it was someone else’s fault !

  • Even if the car was equipped with stability control, I am fairly certain that Porsche would have included a switch to turn it off. Then who is to say that Rodas wouldn’t have turned it off during his drive with Paul Walker?

  • Mark Wheeler

    Drive like a foolish idiot, you make find yourself dead?

    The lawsuit is unwarranted. I hope the Judge puts ALL costs associated on the Daughter to pay.

    Why is it someones fault if YOU are reckless?

  • Even if the car was equipped with stability control, I am fairly certain that Porsche would have included a switch to turn it off (like most cars in this level does). Then who is to say that Rodas wouldn’t have turned the stability control off during his drive with Walker?

  • John Spires

    I’m offended that she is suing and will in turn sue her for offending my sense of responsibility. I contend that as a result of this BS lawsuit that I will be subjected to anger and rage that would ordinarily wait until after lunch on a Tuesday. As a result, I am seeking 7 Kajillion dollhairs in damages and restitution. She knew she would piss me off with this frivolous suit and she will compensate me. P.S. Sorry for your loss.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    Why not sue the driver’s family who drove reckless? If it was a gas petal issues I could understand the suit… It’s obvious there will be 1,000’s of pounds of force from the seat belt when crashing at very high speed (if they crashed going the speed limit and this happened then she’d have a case). It’s just our right wrong to hold Porsche responsible because of a lack of traction control. Any experienced driver following the rules of the road should have no issues with traction (unless there’s snow or ice on the road).

    Regardless it’s a shame Paul Walker is gone but the suit won’t bring him back unfortunately.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    If anyone is looking to donate their very dangerous Porsche GT I’m always willing to accept!

  • krocialblack

    Suuuure. Sue a company for a car they built 10 YEARS AGO, over a death that happen almost TWO YEARS AGO! Makes perfect sense…
    Don’t you just love America? Allow to make a quick back out of ANYTHING. No income coming? Don’t worry about trying to win the lottery. JUST COME UP WITH A LAWSUIT! It’s the new American way!

  • zoomzoomjeff

    They SHOULDN’T have a case at all. Proper training, which is available by the way, would alleviate that. This is an advanced car that requires advanced skill. The skill and responsibility to control something you buy is squarely your liability.

  • hearsetrax

    the other case that should be laughed out of court
    waste of time,tax payer’s money and etc etc etc

  • spaycace

    Lets make it a class action lawsuit and I’ll join in!

  • spaycace

    People have been driving cars for over a century, and stupid accidents occur when people drive in a manner not suitable to current road conditions and driving ability. It’s not the seatbelt that killed Paul Walker & his friend … It was the sudden acceleration of his body in a different direction caused by the impact into multiple “immovable” objects, then the ruptured fuel tank leaking fuel on the hot exhaust & catching fire. It was STUPIDITY that killed them, not Porsche!

  • spaycace

    Ironically, there is a warning posted in EVERY “Furious” movie stating that the stunts in the movie take place in a controlled fashion with professional drivers and SHOULD NOT be attempted. Was Mr. Rodas driving in a controlled environment at the time of the accident? Of course not … But I’d almost wager any amount of money that he WAS trying to show off! Leaving a benefit with plenty of people around to show off for makes for a good recipe for disaster. Maybe every motorcycle manufacturer should be sued for everyone who’s died because the bikes don’t stop fast enough when a car turns left in front of them, or that there’s no safety device at all other than an optional helmet to protect them. GIVE ME A BREAK,!! People need to take responsibility for their own actions. If she wants to file a wrongful death lawsuit, file it against the DRIVER of the car that drove recklessly and lost control, not the company that manufactured the car. If this suit is allowed to go forward, it will open the frivolous lawsuit floodgates even further than they already are! Maybe all the California taxpayers should file suits against the lawyers of all the lame suits that their tax dollars have been used to pursue!

  • Georgemia

    Don’t get me wrong. In a certain “caveat emptor” reality, I think you’re on target. That said, this is a car that is sold for street use not as track use even though obviously most of the people who can buy them have some idea what they are. I think Porsche may have a liability problem because the car is sold by price, not by driver qualifications. It will be interesting to see how this is decided. Again, you may be entirely right

  • Lehman_285

    Why sue the drivers family they had nothing to do with it. If a man murders someone then dies before the case is over do you put his wife in prison? No.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    I don’t think she’s trying to put Porsche in prison do you (rhetorical)? I’m saying the drivers family may have some financial responsibility but not criminally (or Walkers family depending how you see it).

    Why would I say this? Well, because my father lent his car to a friend who crashed into another car killing himself (the friend) and the occupants of the other car (strangers). The court deemed it was due to my father’s negligence (because he lent the car to a friend who was known to drive recklessly) when he (my father) wasn’t even in the car at any point (different cases similar outcome)…

    So walker lent a “race car” to someone who drove it recklessly and clearly someone was negligent of the posted speed limit putting the passenger (Walker?) at risk leading to death. If there’s proof Walker said forget the speed limit and pushed the driver to drive recklessly and was the one to lend him the car he could be the one found negligent. Clearly it wasn’t an “accident” and someone intentionally drove beyond their skill (or the cars capability in that environment) leading to death. If that doesn’t qualify as death by negligence I don’t know what does.

    P.S. No one murdered anyone, it’s manslaughter at worst…

  • NO LA

    Not BS in CA: Comparative Negligence divides fault between the plaintiff and defendant according to a percentage. For example, let’s say Joe claims that Mary owes him damages because she ran a red light and hit his car. In response to Joe’s claims, Mary may mount a comparative negligence defense. She may claim that Joe made an illegal turn and should never have been in the intersection, and so he bears some percentage of responsibility for causing the accident. The case goes all the way to trial, and the jury finds that Joe incurred damages of $100,000. The jury also finds that Joe was 30% responsible for the accident, and Mary was 70% liable. Under comparative negligence rules, Mary must pay Joe $70,000 ($100,000 reduced by 30%, the degree of fault assigned to Joe). The daughter is suing for millions for a bad seatbelt so even if it is 90% to 10% she will receive a nice payout.

  • Drew

    I’m pretty sure he was saying that sarcastically to point out the absurdity in suing anyone over an accident.

  • Brian Soares

    Fuck that bitch

  • Brian Soares

    He is fucking DEAD! God damn!

  • John Steenland

    AGREED! I really liked Paul Walker, but it is upto each of us individually, to own our mistakes.. My dad was a pro dirtbike rider, and managed to get killed on a dirtbike because of his own recklessness, in 07. I did not file a wrongful death suite because the dirtbike killed my pop. It was his mistake that led to his death, and it took me a few years to realize I couldn’t blame anyone that he is not here anymore. Bad things happen to good people when we have a lapse in judgment, but we can not continue trying to blame others for our mistakes.

  • StarFighter

    Blame Bush. Oh, that was for something else.

  • StarFighter

    I just reread a report on the accident. They were going 100+ MPH in a 45 MPH zone. So, is that also Porsche’s fault also? Tease the devil and there’s a good chance you’ll be burned. I suspect in this case there is a greedy lawyer looking for a BIG payoff. Sorry, buddy, if I were on the jury, you wouldn’t get a penny.

  • jossch

    To acquire evidence there was a defective seat belt and that it snapped his torso back is amazing since the car was burned up and destroyed. Whoever was able to obtain that kind of evidence is remarkable.

  • Len

    How about going back in time and suing the neurons in Paul Walker’s brain that caused his foot to push too far on the accelerator. This makes as much sense as this law suit.