• smartacus

    Thank you Autoguide for allowing me to have my say on VW dieselgate.

    My take is VW must never pay $18Billion or ANY amount more than GM’s $900Million settlement for ignition switches that caused ACTUAL human deaths.

    Not because they are not clearly in the wrong, but because any fine they pay will be absorbed solely by the middle-class consumer. Meanwhile; the fine they pay will vanish into some faceless nameless coffers without any positive effect whatsoever (assuming it ever gets there)

    The best outcome may be for Old VAG to pull a new GM and transfer all assets into New VAG

    **And now is the best time for Porsche to demand by proxy far more autonomy or even outright independence from VAG

  • ColumWood

    It’s certainly time for a Porsche power play.

  • Ilbirs

    I also bet on a “new VAG” kind of arrange and maybe this is proving that big car companies can’t have that lot of divisions and redundancies as current VAG and Old GM.

    I guess that some divisions will be sold and SEAT will be closed, as it’s nowhere near as successful and creative as Skoda. Divisions to go? Maybe the first ones will be those who don’t share components with other brands, like Scania and Ducati.

    As there are redundancies within the Castle of Wolves, maybe in a second time VW would get rid of Lamborghini and Bentley, as they redund with Audi and Porsche. I also guess that Truck & Bus won’t be formed as announced, as maybe part of MAN could be sold to another brand and VW Truck and Bus could also be divested from MAN and reintegrated fully under Vee-Dub umbrella as it was since its creation (specially when it comes to Brazil and other Latin American countries). I don’t consider neccessary to sell Bugatti, as its production is very small and it’s a good showcase of new technologies.

  • Gunther Kruger

    What idiot or group of idiots thought that this was a good idea?

  • earl

    Most TDi drivers bought them for fuel mileage and driveability, less concerned about emissions. The fix will probably make it less driveable so….most will leave it. And many will scream blue murder in order to get a piece of the pie…
    Pretty stupid of VW and they will pay huge fines….glad my new Jetta is gas.

  • frank seymour

    There is more to this story, than the headlines we have benn reading over the last three days. The real question will be is Chattanooga going to be this centuries New Stanton?

  • ZX-10R

    You are an idiot. This has nothing to do with GM it is all WV and the crime is not the same. Your statement means that if I steal candy I should receive the same crime as the person who burned down the store the candy came from.

    Get a grip. Change your name it is not even evident in your argument.

    Thank you Autoguide for allowing trolls and fanboys to come out of the woodwork especially one like this.

  • smartacus


  • ZX-10R

    I don’t even respond in Autoblog since most people don’t make the kind of outrageous response like yours.

    Take that in buddy. Your response was not even clever. VW lied and they have to face the music. Takata did and so did GM. Address the issue which was VW lying about a “hack”.

    Again not a smart response on your part.


  • smartacus

    cookies and crackers
    cookies and cream?

  • ZX-10R

    Still trying to be clever? > TRY AGAIN <
    Say something SMART or is that name a failed attempt to be clever when you are not.


  • smartacus


  • Mark Rodenberg

    I would NEVER give up my Golf TDI. BUT…when I go to trade it in for another in the future, they better give me top dollar for it and deeply discount the new one! I should be able to trade for about $5K.

  • Mark Rodenberg

    Are you trying to be smart using those abbreviations? To me VAG means vagina.