Poll: Jaguar F-Type R or Mercedes-AMG GT?

Poll: Jaguar F-Type R or Mercedes-AMG GT?

If your money was on the line, which super sexy sports car would you pick? The British Jaguar F-Type R or the German Mercedes AMG-GT?

This is a tough choice, as both have supermodel looks and supercar sounds. Each of these coupes are powered by snarling V8s, and both sound out of this world. The Jaguar has 550 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque while the Mercedes packs 503 hp and 479 lb-ft. The Benz also costs about $30,000 more.

But which beautiful beast would you have in your garage? Have your say in the poll below. Stay tuned, because we have a comparison of the two cars coming soon.

BUT FIRST: Click here to compare these two cars side by side

  • smartacus

    oooh that’s a tough one.
    i want to give it to the F-Type R because for my money i’d get a used one since it will have depreciated much faster.
    But OMG the AMG GT and GT S represent stunning perfection!
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  • bcl187

    Really ppl would take the jag?? Dumb ppl