Tesla Sweetens its Referral Program

Tesla Sweetens its Referral Program

Tesla is removing some limitations and adding new incentives to its referral program. 

The 10-referral limit initially placed on the program is being removed, while an upgrade to a brand new Ludicrous P90D Model S is being offered to the owner who can get the most referral sales by October 31 of this year.

“As you know, the Model S referral program was designed as an experiment, and so far it seems to be working,” said Tesla CEO Musk in the letter to owners. “From now until the end of the program, you can refer as many friends as you’d like.”

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When Model S owners refer someone to Tesla and it leads to a sale, the company offers $1,000 to the owner to buy accessories or a new Model S. The buyer being referred gets $1,000 off their new car.

Besides the savings in cash, the program offers a free Model X to the first person in each sales region to hit 10 referrals. After that prize is claimed, anyone else who hits 10 referrals will have the chance to buy a fully loaded Founder Series Model X for the price of a base Model X.

Five referrals will get you a free Tesla Powerwall along with two tickets to the grand opening of the Gigafactory.

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