The 2016 Honda Civic is the Civic You’ve Been Waiting For


The 9th generation Civic never really seemed to get it right.

Class average rather than a class leader, the 2012-2015 seemed to have lost some of that Mojo Honda compacts are world famous for.

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Well, for 2016 it appears that the Civic is back. Rebuilt from the ground up the new 10th generation Civic is nothing like last year’s model.


Completely New

Honda claims this is the biggest complete redesign the Civic has ever received. The goal with the 10th generation car is to recapture some of the sporty character the Civic used to be known for, but was lacking in the last generation. It’s two inches wider and one inch lower, built on a 1.2-inch longer wheelbase.

The new look has a lot of 2016 Accord up front and a blend of Insight, Crosstour and FCV Clarity in the back. Sitting ahead of the large front fender flares are available LED headlights, much like Acura’s jewel eyes. As well, LED daytime running lights and LED taillights are standard


 New Power Plants

The news under the skin is just as dramatic as the car’s new look. The regular Civic will feature two all-new four-cylinder engines, a 2.0-liter and a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit. This is the first time Honda has ever offered a turbocharged engine in North America and claims it will have class leading performance, which means expect power levels to be high.

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The turbocharged engine will come in EX-T, EX-L and Touring trims of the Civic. The two liter engine found in the LX Civic won’t be a slouch either as Honda claims it’s the most powerful base engine ever put in a Civic.

At the global debut of the new car, Honda PR boss Save Marie announced that the base 2.0-liter engine would make 158 hp while the turbocharged 1.5-liter will deliver 174-hp.

Honda is being vague when it comes to fuel economy ratings but claims the Civic should get in excess of 40 mpg on the highway, thanks in part to a twelve percent improvement in aerodynamics.


Better Handling

So it’s going to get the power it needs, but what about the handling? Well, the new Civic features a front strut suspension and multi-link rear end design. Honda claims body rigidity is up 25 percent, while weight is down 68 pounds, for the body at least.

Variable gear ratio steering, beefier front and rear stabilizer bars, 4-wheel disc brakes and handling assist brake-torque vectoring will all be included with the new Civic.


Bigger Inside

Inside there is now an extra 3.7 cubic feet of passenger space that leads to an extra 2 inches of rear-seat legroom that can easy accommodate a six foot passenger. And if stuck back there, it’s nice to know that heated seats for rear passengers are now available.

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With that slope-back rear-end design, trunk space is also up 2.6 cubic feet. Standard in the car is automatic climate control and an electronic parking brake as well as much quieter driving experience that Honda achieved, in part, as a result of a 58-percent reduction in cabin air leaks.

As far as technology is concerned, a 7-inch high-definition Display Audio touchscreen is available that can operate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. On the safety front, a technology suite called Honda Sensing is available with advance options like collision mitigation, road departure mitigation and adaptive cruise control.


More Choice

The 10th-generation Civic will also break from recent tradition and be available as a sedan, coupe and five-door hatchback. And of course, besides the high performance Si model, for the first time on our shores there will also be the even crazier Type-R model.

More details on the Civic will become available closer to its launch date for the sedan later this fall.

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  • johnls39 .

    The styling of this car is a bit polarizing at best but I believe it will work on this car and improve sales wise. I don’t like the hatch-back look of this car but it does make the car impressive looking all over regardless. The hatch-back look is beginning to become the norm on cars of this class and mid-size family sedans nowadays. I say I like the car’s design but not my cup of tea.

    The current model sucks.

  • Ben-Ghazi


  • james

    its missing a few key components, analog speedo and emergency brake handle!

  • I would drive this.

  • those tail lamps look hideous.

  • Thomas J. Adams

    174 hp tops? Hmm. . . doesn’t quite meet the hyperbole of the column copy. Gotta’ do quite a lot better than that for me to give up a nicely dialed in 198 hp and 35 mpg.

  • Tim

    Most who say the current model sucks have never driven one and/or owns one. The civic has never been a mountain of performance (even the si when it came to horsepower) or luxury, so what’s with the expectation everyone has that it will suddenly become a Mercedes?

    The Civic is an economy car. A great one at that. Plain and simple. It is a Honda and therefore reliable. I own a 2012 Si and I love it. I guess i can’t speak to the lower trim levels, but the 9th gen is stiffer (in terms of body rigidity) and faster than the 8th. People hopped onto the “hate the 9th gen bandwagon” saying it was worse than the 8th when it was really better in every way (personal opinions notwithstanding).

    Did the 9th have stiff conpetition? Absolutely. Although it was just about as fast or faster than most of its forced induction rivals. Was honda a little behind in some ways? Absolutely. But mark my words, the same crap will be said about the 10th gen, when everyone will be longing for the good old days of The NA K engine of the 8th and 9th gen. And then everyone look back on the 9th gen and declare how much better it was because of X, Y and Z.

  • danwat1234

    Tail lamps aren’t bad at all! Better than the 2016 Prius tail lamps for sure.
    I do like the rear end of the 2014-2015 Sedan better though, it looked really good. Don’t know why that look wasn’t available for the coupe as well.

  • danwat1234

    yup electronic parking brake. Can probably still activate while driving so you can twist around in the snow

  • danwat1234

    “Rebuilt from the ground up the new 10th generation Civic is nothing like last year’s model.”
    Well, the CVT may the exact same as the 2014-2015 models and some other components.
    Are the fog lights LED too? I have a feeling they are halogen. Wonder if the head lights really are jewel style LED, or a less expensive single output point with a solenoid to adjust up/down for hi/low beam.

    Auto start/stop for the car would be great to save fuel in the city.

  • dariansdad

    I don’t understand why an analog speedo is missing. I’m very happy with the (relatively) huge analog tach and digital speedo. Now the brake handle, hmmm, I think driving like an idiot should be standard, don’t you?

  • dariansdad

    I agree that if I wanted my sedan to look like a hatch it should actually be a hatch. It seems that Mercedes is much more on sedan styling target with the CLA/CLS style.

    Of course, there you get all style and no reliability.

  • dariansdad

    I’m on my fourth Honda out of 24 vehicles that I’ve owned and each new one has been so, so much better than the previous one.

    I started with a new 1979 Prelude, followed by an ’88 Civic hatch, an ’88 Prelude and now a 2013 Civic coupe.

    You are dead on that the Civic is an economy car and I’ve always felt proud that it was the best handling/performing in that class over any other manufacturer at the price point. And believe me, I checked and drove them all – even the ones I would never even consider owning (hoping to be surprised).

    Why do people insist on comparing the Civic to sports models and mid-sized models? Do they compare the Mustang to a Lambo? Probably…

  • tre916

    That looks horrible… What is with this chrome/silver plastic grille that they have been stuck on since the 8th generation? I was glad it wasn’t present on my 8th gen si… The front end is a little too much Accord and has its nose too high in the air, and the back looks like a fucking Prius!

    They had almost everything right in the 8th gen coupe and the 9th gen wasn’t bad looking and had the better looking sedan… but this… WTF is this!?

  • tre916

    I owned the 8th gen Si and drove the 9th on a lengthy test drive… The 8th definitely felt like the sturdier of the 2 the 9th seemed to have much more body roll than mine.

  • tre916

    I have never understood where those numbers came from, my 06 Si never got over 25mpg no matter how I drove it. That was why I sold it for a Focus ST

  • tre916

    Slightly, but they are far to similar to the Prius’ lights for my taste.

    I agree with you about the latest sedan tail end, they difinitely made it look good, something they failed miserably to do with the 8th gen.

  • tre916

    The tiny trunk is a real problem, my wife had an 07 Sentra (the worst care I’ve ever driven) and it had one of those tiny trunks that gave it a hatch look, the problem was it had a giant trunk, but you couldn’t put anything into it!

  • Tim

    Yeah i think the springs were a little softer on the 9th. That’s easily fixed…but body rigidity was way up for sure. I haven’t driven an 8th in awhile, but consensus is that the 9th has a little more roll despite a lower stock height.

  • Damien Martin

    My si gets me 35 easily 25 if i drive it too hard, you must have been pushing yours like crazy

  • tre916

    No, I drove home never going over 4k for 2 years… This was back when gas was like $4/gal and I was being forced to use premium. I considered getting a Charger SRT because at least I’d have some crazy horsepower with my awful mileage!

  • DainLaguna

    the back looks great. in the same way the 8th gen had edgy styling that caused a lot of copy cats, this one looks to push the way forward.

    Besides, it looks like every other aspect of the car from a performance perspective has been addressed….i mean, a civic ex that will handle on par with an older si, get better mileage AND be faster, and have, you know torque? That’s a win win man.

    Also, that prius looking rear end? That’s a design element HONDA introduced to the masses with the crx and later the 1st gen insight.

    Toyota ripped it and sold a shit ton of priuses. Doesn’t make that rear end a toyota one.

    Also, it looks nothing like it.

  • DainLaguna

    you’re forgetting that this is the grocery getter civic. 174 hp is a hell of a lot more than the civic has ever had…and being a small displacement turbo, your gonna get torque, something civics, especially si’s have never had before.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this civic easily out mpg’d and out accelerated an older si from the 8th/9th gen.

    I’m kinda intrigued that someone who drives an si doesnt realize that base model civics have never had the same engines as the Si/type-r’s; even more so considering the article mentions nothing about the higher variants, which there will be.

  • DainLaguna

    The civic hasn’t been an ‘economy’ car since like the 8th gen.

    The fit is honda’s economy car now, and a damn good one.

    There are ‘more economical’ models of the civic, but I still feel calling it an economy car is a bit much.

    They benchmarked the golf, which consequently gets called a ‘mini mercedes’ pretty often by the automotive press…and honda loves setting the germans as benchmarks. I’m glad they do it.

  • tre916

    No… Nothing about the rear end if this car looks like a CRX except that the tiny trunk makes it look like a hatchback. That light config and the rear shape is a dead ringer from a Prius.

  • Jdm Jay

    Alots of peoples complain about honda noisy …
    Now 2016 civic geting ugly body too. I dont think i wanna buy even TypeR or TypeS. Kaka ugly

    Only best looking is 2015 civic TypeR U.K the best look i like it. I want buy one over there ship to US.

  • Jdm Jay

    My civic Si 2011 better looking then this 2016 civic.

  • geezee

    Um, no its not……………

  • geezee

    Dang, you ruined it for me, the curves and look – something there- is definitely Prius like ! I despise Prius and pretty much all things Toyota as THE singularly most overrated cars on the planet. Always talking ‘quality’ since the obviously don’t have it (a lot like a politician repeating a lie often enough…)

  • geezee

    The Civic is exceptional at what it does , not class leading in any single way but a strong contender in basically all of criteria however… And, the real ‘win’ it does it for hundreds of thousands of miles. I find little value in ‘initial quality’ and other subjective ‘touchy feely’ criteria. The only car model with significant presence on the road with vehicles decades old, and hundreds of thousands of miles is Honda (I said significant presence, there are some exceptions). Toyota harps ‘quality’ continuously – since they don’t actually have it (repeat a lie often enough…?) – the plastics on my Camry disintegrated, ALL of them. Every power window lift mechanism, broke, antenna, broke, gage cluster, broke (the list goes on)…. This in a car 5 years newer than my Civic’s – which incurred none of these failures. I have over a million miles driven/ridden on Honda cars and cycles. Its the only model I will consider any more. So my Civic doesn’t have the fastest 0-60 time of all compacts ? Don’t care, aint a race car. It also gets 35mpg around town and will do that for a couple hundred thousand trouble free miles. Do that in your Kia, your Hyundai, your Corolla (ick) etc…… And it doesn’t cost more initially, but will beat the crap out of all of those in resale 10, 15 years later. True Cost of Ownership really adds up.

    What they needed to do to the Civic model, and appears they have some- is catch up with the competition and go with a 6 spd MT, punt the rear drum brakes- equip ALL with Discs , Put the D.I. engine into the N.A models already (or is there something wrong with it, not sure ?)- maybe that technology boxes out the tuners, though…?

  • kate

    nooo not

  • Tim

    I don’t know if the lastt part was directed at me, but I never said anything about the 10th gen not having improvements.

    But the Civic NOT an economy car? Give me a break. It starts around 18K. THAT’s an economy car. Period. Spec out a golf all the way and spec out a Honda comparably and the Golf is going to tip the scales at around 30K, whereas the Honda will be around 25. If you want a “mini Mercedes”, great! Get the golf (and all of the problems associated with VW). But if you want cheap, reliable, comfortable transportation, get the civic.

    And it is only VERY recently that the gti and other cars you mentioned have broken the 5 second 0-60 barrier. And its usually with a DCT, not manual. You might as well add .2 seconds for their manuals.

  • Tim

    I took a 150 mile trip last weekend in my ’12 Si and got about 34 on the highway. Granted, it was pretty flat and all highway. When I’m on the gas alot, with a pretty even highway/city mix, i’ll do about 29. But that’s the 9th gen.

  • geezee

    They also have a 5 speed MT, not a 6…………..Looks like they all will be getting the 6 speed MT, finally…………And yes significantly smaller engines in non Si models. There is no valid comparison between the two in terms of performance.

  • geezee

    And the intangible – at least in comparing ‘new cars’ is the Civics will continue to perform for hundreds of thousands of miles- they have the strongest resale value also, and are head and shoulders superior as far as quality. Do they do any ‘one’ thing best, prolly not, combined however- yes they are the best. Thats the point of a Civic also BTW, to be the best compact in the world.

  • Daniel

    Land yacht?

  • Tim

    Which is kinda what sucks…its becoming less and less compact with each iteration. I love the smallness of the civic, i wish they would maintain that.

  • synapticflow

    It looks absolutely ugly to me. Do any of you notice how we hit a certain point in time where many normal looknig things started looking ugly? Cars, athletic shoes (espcially basketball shoe) , nerf toys, super soakers. You name it. Everything started getting this ugly curvy, hand sculptured bulbous look.

  • Kinetis

    You’re civic was pouting and just dumping gas cause you wouldn’t let it get on the happy cam.

  • Kinetis

    This is the kind of blind loyalty that keeps marriages together.

  • tre916

    I’m assuming the happy cam is the VTech? Oh, I did, but not during my commute, there was almost always too much traffic for me to justify accelerating hard.

  • Phil

    not sure what the chrome rings on your front lip are?.. but I know theres nothing JDM about them, or your no name aftermarket rims .. do you even know what JDM stands for?

    the 8th gen civic was undeniably a home run and the perfect remodelling of the early 80’s civic into modern days … the 9th gen was kinda like the 7th gen was to the 6th gen, not a bad car nonetheless.

    Althought I feel like the 10th gen should indeed be closer to an all new 8th gen than an all new car, have to admit this civic has modern style and looks immensely more upscale inside and out. it offers loads of safety and technology features and happy it kept its digital speedo.

    reading all the comments; one thing for sure, there’s always a ton of haters every time honda does something new. If honda says black, you’ll say white, if they say white you’ll say black. 5yrs ago, your loaded beloved 8th gen civic was one with a/c and power locks … look at what you get for the price now .. wtf are you complaining about people? its an entry level affordable compact car we’re talking about here,

    I like it. and can’t wait to find out more about the coupe, hatch, Si and type R !!

  • geezee

    Yes true, it would be nice if they retained a more ‘entry level’ sporty compact coupe- this 10th GEN is a lot like the Accord (even in styling) of just a couple GENs back… Want to talk Compact, my (now my sons) 1988 CRX ! That thing coming in under 2000lbs, pretty much defines compact …..
    I don’t consider the Fit as a ‘sporty coupe’. I also am a big hatchback Fan (Mazda 3 ish) as the small, super high MPG, fun driving alternative to the min-van or SUV -a format I think Honda is reintroducing for the USDM in 16………….? You know a real sleeper- is the CRV- its got ‘granny styling’ but the crap they pack into it for a low $20’s price, its pretty amazing. I have yet to get into an HRV (I think thats the name) – the Compact FIT based Crossover but given its also available in a manual tranny, nice…..

  • RoadFeelSux

    Your Toyota is falling apart?
    Come on! Really?
    Don’t get me wrong, my first new car was a 5th gen Prelude. Around the same time I’ve ridden and maintained a Civic and an Accord. But I reverted to Toyotas because of Honda’s tranny issues (bad or roughs shifts across all models) and suspension problem on late model Accords.
    Own 4 Toyotas, the Prelude is still going strong. Heavy but a durable car.

    As far as this Civic goes, I think the tail looks hideous, but the interior is nice.
    And I am excited to see the Type R for the first time in the States.

  • RoadFeelSux

    You know Toyota is an awesome car maker! Two words: Land Cruiser. Google it if you don’t know what that is. Or google ‘Killing a Toyota’ (Top gear episodes)

    Honda has been and always will be #2 to Toyota’s reliability/value

  • Peter Hillman

    I had a 2013 Civic coupe EX-L Navi and it was a lemon! Which was surprising considering I had a 2003 Accord EX-V6 for 10 years and Honda was always great to service the car, even replace the defective transmission for free after 5 years. But they wanted nothing to do with the problems with the Civic. Happily got rid of that car. No more Hondas for me. This 2016 Civic is ugly! What is with that butt-ugly dash? The rear doors are a direct copy of the Nissan Sentra/Altima doors. The rear looks like an ugly Prius. Everyone seems to agree that the Hondas keep getting uglier. The interior of the current Accord is hideous to look at. My 2013 was the last year for a 5-speed transmission, and Honda’s CVTs are complete garbage. They gave me a loaner Civic with CVT during one of the many repairs of the Civic and it was like driving a golf cart! Love that Honda used promotional photos of a 2014 Civic with Apple’s CarPlay, but never got around to doing a software update for that, or 2015, screwing those customers. Other reviews have already confirmed the 2016 model is a DisplayAudio+ stereo, so the DisplayAudio stereos in 2014 and 2015 will not be upgradable to CarPlay or Android Audio. Also, a complete touchscreen stereo is a mistake because it forces people to take their eyes off the road to operate it. Bad move Honda. Good riddance!

  • Olaf Olson

    The back is hideous

  • TIE

    Once you said, “The interior of the current Accord is hideous…” (this about one of the better-looking interiors out there – if you want to see an ugly interior, check out Subaru’s or Hyundai’s) and ,”Honda’s CVTs are complete garbage” (this about a transmission most reviewers find among the best CVTs on the market ) then you lost all credibility. Keep in mind that the new 2016 Honda CVTs have been improved over last year’s version and the previous CVT was generally considered to be neck-and-neck with Subaru’s for best-in-the-business. BTW, since you have stereo controls on the steering wheel, how is it that a touchscreen “forces” people to take their eyes off the road?

  • rplantz

    I agree that this should have a liftback. I’ve owned a 1978 VW Scirocco, a 1982 Audi Coupe, and a 2005 Prius (current car) that all had this general shape to the rear end. The Audi was a beautiful car to drive, but the small opening to the large trunk was unforgivable. Why design car this way? What’s wrong with these people?!?

  • geezee

    Hey Road Feel, I will say the Toyota drivetrain (mine was the 2.2l 4 banger, mid 90s vintage) was outstanding, yes. Tranny good too. The plastics from that era, awful- everything was disintegrating on it ! All 4 exterior door handles also broke off (plastic), all interior handles, broke off (in addition to my other comments) the dash disintegrated (unlike my Hondas, 5 yrs older, still perfect) . Maybe they have changed the formulation of plastics ?
    My 88 CRX (cable clutch, 5 spd) is a bit balky shifting but into the mid 1990’s – the hydraulic clutches and 5 spd tranny, amongst the smoothest shifting tranny’s ever. Nearly all my experience with them is MT’s , I’d never get an AT in a small car – I think they shift like crap and steal all enjoyment of driving the car…… The 2000 ODY now, it had a known defective 4spd AT that blew up like clockwork around 100k miles. As did mine (Honda good-faith extended the warranty on them to around 100k miles- I think to avoid a recall?!).
    Ya, I think the Type R will redefine the segment , great to see a Honda thats actually exciting again , when was the last time- the S2k ? I do like the Si , of course- however my DD is a 2013 Civic EX coupe (5 spd MT, of course!) -wish it was a 6……. The final gear ratio is a joke for highway, like 3400 rpm at 80 or some such nonsense…..

  • William Miller

    Looks like it was designed by Acura, which is NOT a good thing. Stop increasing the size! How exciting can a turbo engine with a CVT be?

  • dariansdad

    WTF is that?!?!? Butt friggin’ ugly, no wait, vulture ugly – I want my eyes pecked out so I don’t have to see it anymore. I love my ’13 coupe and these bastards have their ballsacks in their mouths for think it’s humdrum.

  • dariansdad

    To further what @TIE already said: What is different about this than any other stereo whether it’s touch screen or not that you can operate it while not looking at it? The fact that steering wheel controls are standard on all levels pretty much proves you are way off base in your uninformed criticism.

  • guest

    a fantastic looking car but if it has a cvt gearbox I would not buy it.
    I am in Tasmania aus. and like to look at your car models, but that is about all, the rest is all gobble de cook, such as horse power, that is still middle ages tolk, kilowats came in 100 years ago,there are feet inches gallons miles, I am completely lost now. but I like the pictures.
    thanks from nico down under.

  • 8lackie


  • RSJ

    I drive a 2013 Civic EX Sedan. Its a very well built car with great ride and handling but the one glaring negative is the engine – while it is adequate for everyday driving, its way too weak when you need a lot of power – especially with the A/C on! This new Civic looks like it will address that one fault with a more powerful base engine and a turbo in the higher trims. I often say that my car would be about perfect if it had more power and could get out of its own way when needed – this new Civic should be much more fun to drive and the added few inches of space in the front and rear will only add to its appeal.

  • RSJ

    …the only concern I have is what will the long-term reliabilty of the Civic engine with turbo be? I know Honda has rarely if ever built a troublesome engine (transmissions have had issues in the past I know!)…with a turbo adding many more potential parts and systems that could fail, I wonder if this new Civic engine will go well beyond 100,000 miles with little or no glitches like the current tried and true 1.8 L Civic engine workhorse has been for decades. The other thing I worry about is the CVT mated to this powerful Turbo engine…what will that be like? I generally hate CVTs and wonder if it will spoil the new turbo. Anybody have thoughts on this??

  • RSJ

    From what I have read, all models with automatic will have the CVT – I worry about this also…I can’t help but think the CVT will spoil this new turbo engine – I hate CVTs.

  • RSJ

    I have a 2013 Civic EX Sedan – so far no problems….just curious what was the main problem with yours that made it a lemon? Transmission issues or what? Just curious…

  • RSJ

    So true…I have owned Honda’s all of my life and not one of them has ever given me any significant trouble at all – never been stranded in one – never. I talk to people all the time who drive Hyundai’s or Kia’s and they say “great car no trouble…well, except I had to replace the transmission but it was covered under the warranty!” My Honda’s have rarely ever had to have warranty work or work after the warranty – that is the difference in a Honda and a Kia!!

  • RSJ

    Yes I think 174 hp will be great compared to the 140 I have in my current Civic 2013 model. More torque will be very welcome! I just worry about how the CVT will work with this sweet sounding engine? My 2013 still has the tried and true 5-speed automatic – any CVT I have driven (mostly Subaru), I hate so far.

  • Vatcha

    I drove a couple CVTs 3.5 years ago when I bought my current car. I was not impressed. I’ve been out car shopping again and I have driven a couple CVTs and there is a big improvement in performance. I’ve driven the 2016 Accord, and the 2016 Maxima, and it’s not a manual trans experience, but the two I drove were much more responsive than what I remember from 3 years ago.

  • Antonio Paventi

    I agree with Vatcha… I had the 2013 Accord Sport for the past 3 years and been driving the new 2016 Accord Sport for the past 2 weeks… the CVT has been greatly improved… I would get ”stuttering” quite often at ”STOP” signs… not anymore! Plus the new redesign is awesome!

  • Antonio Paventi

    I agree with Tie… I had the 2013 Accord Sport for the past 3 years and been driving the new 2016 Accord Sport for the past 2 weeks… the CVT has been greatly improved… I would get ”stuttering” quite often at ”STOP” signs… not anymore! Plus the new redesign is awesome!

  • JLP


  • John

    COuld not agree more…I believe the coupes are also ugly tho..

  • John

    How is this possible? It could not be uglier…well probably, but … I was driving the other day and I saw one…I was laughing at it while trying to catch it and find what car it was….oh yeah obviously a civic…lol they are so ugly since 2012….same thing for the CRV….what is happening with Honda designs?

  • John

    the front as well…

  • Bill

    Tiny trunk? It’s the largest trunk in its market. Prius? I don’t know. Drove a rental Prius for a week a couple of years ago, couldn’t wait to return it – no power, sloppy controls, not a fun drive. Picked up my 2016 Civic Touring a week ago. I’m loving everything about this car so far. It has far more features (safety and fun) than anything in its class or price range.

  • tre916

    I’m not talking about trunk space I’m talking about the exterior and aesthetics. My wife’s old 07 Sentra has a huge trunk too but a tiny lid/opening making it mostly useless for carrying anything larger than a duffel bag despite the large storage space.

    The civic could be a blast to drive, but it still looks awful.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    I think it’s the prettiest car ive ever seen.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    No way. This is the first civic I feel comfortable in. Not everyone is midget sized. I’ve been wanting a civic for years but I could never fit my legs around the steering wheel until the 2016 model.

  • JoshN7

    Seriously, how can anyone prefer the 8th and 9th gen sloped hood over this 10th gen? The previous 2 generation looks like traffic cones on wheels. At least this flat hood looks more aggressive. It could lose the chrome eyelid though.

  • Tom

    “This is the first time Honda has ever offered a turbocharged engine in North America”

    This is not entirely true.

    The Acura RDX (manufactured by Honda) was introduced in 2007 with a turbocharged 4 cylinder.

  • rommel

    im with you, real ugly, not unlike those civic models 2007-2009.

  • John

    funny…as if

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Not even kidding. Right after I posted that I went and bought a Touring model in Silver. LOL. so far (barring any durability issues) this has been my favorite new car I’ve ever purchased and one of my friends went out and got one in dark blue right after he saw mine. Were actually gonna meet up and wax them together this weekend. They’re seriously gorgeous!

  • car

    It is the prettiest nightmare of a design, just nasty and plagued by CVT and tiny 4 cyl with turbo no make least reliable powertrain….

  • car

    Several issues with it , looks are just plain ugly , try hard high tech wanna be in result is just another awkward sweat out result.

  • OttoDeLupe

    How the heck are you supposed to get anything in that trunk? These new cars are getting crazy with these tiny trunk lids. Just make freakin’ liftbacks at this point.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Toyota used to be a good car maker …a long time ago. Certainly the most boring.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Sorry, the Jetta beats it.

  • wz

    As in horrific? looking rear end??

  • Sheldon Cooper

    It got so big that they stopped selling them in Japan because the sales were abysmal.