The Ford Focus RS 0-60 Time is Just 4.7 Seconds!

The Ford Focus RS 0-60 Time is Just 4.7 Seconds!

The Focus RS just keeps getting better and better.

Originally announced with more than 315 hp, that number recently ballooned to 345 hp.

Now, thanks to the car’s all-wheel drive system and a launch control setting Ford has announced a stunning 0-60 mph time.

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Technically they’ve only announced a 0-62 mph time (0-100 km/h) of 4.7 seconds, putting the 0-60 time at slightly quicker. While unscientific, pausing the video below shows a 4.6 seconds time to 60 mph.

Ford also claims a top speed of over 165 mph!

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  • Mark S

    I know paying 35k for a Focus, a Focus sounds irrational, but this car sounds so good. Sadly rumors of limited number for the US are around, which may mean MSRP or higher, hope it is just rumor and that Ford does send a good quantity to the US. Not even sure when you can order one, but Matt Farah keeps saying he has one locked in. Much as I like the Golf R, from a performance and handling point of view (not interior quality or styling), me thinks the Focus RS will be the winner. Hopefully that forces a Golf R400 to come State side. Hot hatch wars, bring it.

  • smartacus

    this is one serious hot hatch!
    I can’t wait for the inevitable Focus RS vs Mustang EcoBoost comparo

  • Mark S

    I think they will offer an upgrade EB Stang with something close to this RS engine. If they compared that modified EB Stang against the Focus RS, we would get an interesting RWD vs AWD comparison. That said, this RS has some trick handling, including real (not brake based) torque vectoring. If that torque vectoring works as well as it sounds (nice article in this months C/D), the RS is a performance and handling bargain (I think). Really though, want to see how the RS stacks up against the Golf R, STI, Audit S3 and even RS3.

  • smartacus

    aw man if they put the Focus RS twin-scroll turbo into the Stang;
    they could do away with the V6 altogether and just have 4 options:
    -Twin Scroll EB
    -flat crank V8

  • Mark S

    Will get interesting when the Camaro V6 is in the comparison mix. Seems like Chevy banking on their V6 beating the turbo engines. That said, the engine of course is only one part of the puzzle – handling differences are going to be interesting as well.

  • Cody Beisel

    I imagine the camaro will continue the trend in the handling department. I’d like to see a v6 1le performance package with the v6 as a budget performance alternative to the v8. Enthusiasts would love it. I agree with smartacus approach to ford’s 2.3 packaging.

  • johnls39 .

    I would like to see Chevy build a competitor to this with the current or next generation Sonic.

  • Mark S

    Like the idea of handling options, but am hoping that the Alpha based Camaro will be sweet as they are (unlike current SS where the 1LE sounds like a must have) and that a handling pack is just icing on the cake for folks who plan tracking or other stuff. Hoping they offer options on all three engines they offer and do not leave the I4 turbo to be a rental car.

  • Mark S

    They may have some Opel performance cars they could use. I was gonna say Vauxhall, but the steering wheel is on the wrong side.