TRD Like a Pro Build Series Part 1 — Front Springs/Shocks

TRD Like a Pro Build Series Part 1 — Front Springs/Shocks

The first part of our TRD Like a Pro Build Series is perhaps the most important. It might also be the most challenging.

We’ve simplified the entire process, however, with easy step-by-step instructions on how to install the new TRD Pro front spring/shocks.

And the results are worth it, with added ground clearance and better off-road capability.

Watch the complete install below.

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  • Eric B.

    I have a 2013 Prius v purchased in Feb. 2014. It is the Two model and there were NO handling or performance upgrades available from Toyota. They think it is an “appliance”, not to be fiddled with.

    Howsomever… luckily I found the “Juiced Hybrid” website. The company is located in Redwood City, California and very nice to deal with.
    From them I purchased:
    >front and rear sway bars
    >new, 1″ lower coil springs – 5% stiffer
    >3 underbody braces – to take away the “dishrag” limpness of that long body
    >color matched sharkfin antenna
    >INJEN cold air intake

    Plus, from other vendors, factory look LED fog and CREE grill-mounted running lights, ENKIE ultra light alloy wheels & Yokohama 580 tires.

    NOW this Prius v handles well, goes a bit faster and even gets better radio reception in fringe FM areas. As it now is I’ll take it over any Five model.

    Dear Toyota,
    Your Prius Crossover had better have a larger Li-ion battery (than the option now available), more powerful electric motor and DIRECT INJECTION for the engine. Otherwise in a few years I’ll be shopping elsewhere for my next hybrid, like, say, Ford or Hyundai.

  • Snapperz

    Sorry, but 30 seconds into the video, the commentator said the tundra may be the best off-road vehicle. I can agree that the best off-road vehicle is a Toyota, it definitely could never be a tundra due solely to the size of the vehicle. Nice try!

  • Michael H

    In general TRD means overpriced and not great. It’s not that they don’t have the capability but they don’t sell the good stuff to the public normally. If they do it costs far more than a better item readily available in the aftermarket.

  • Michael H

    Enkei not Enkie
    Cold air intakes do nothing except make things worse in most cases
    Color Matched antenna???? Please.
    Sway bars and springs may help but they do not appeal to most Prius buyers. If you want a good handling vehicle that has power and gets great mileage buy a TDI. And yes, I am fully aware of the scandal. The TDi is a better vehicle than the Prius in EVERY way, EPA be damned.

  • Eric B.

    Michael, YES, a color-matched shark fin antenna that looks much better than a black stick. (Or should Audi, Lexus, etc go back to the black sticks??) By the time VW gets the emissions to where they would be the mileage will be down, and I’ll bet by at least 5 mpg. Will your TDI get 42.6 mpg average in a 556 mile trip? Very doubtful. Will it haul as much as my Prius wagon? Nope!
    Yep, sway bars “help” quite a bit, as the strut tower bar and underbody braces. They all add up and become “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” king of thing.
    On the CAI, I’ll just tell you what the Toyota mechanic said about the cold air intake, “Hey, it actually does give it more pick up and more responsiveness.” And so far no problems of any kind.

    So we all need to “Drive our own ride.” You like VW? Fine, have fun. I’ve never liked them much and their value for the $$ a reliability even less.
    Nuff sed.

  • Michael H

    Actually my 98 TDI averages about 45 mpg, has far more power than your Prius, handles far better etc. My wife’s 01 Does 48mpg average and while hers is not quite as quick as mine, it is still faster and better handling than your Prius for far far less money.
    Your reference to the 09-2015 is noted. However, anything is pure conjecture at this point as no fix has been announced. Besides, most of my customers with them average over 50mpg. Even with a possible 5mpg loss they will still average the same or better than a Prius while handling better, being way more comfortable and being far more fun to drive than a tin can Prius. So leave your Prius owner smugness elsewhere.
    Did I mention that I am a Toyota MDT and I have certification in ALL series of Hybrid back to the original Prius?

  • San Joe

    Because it comes with a warranty.

  • Rickers

    And you’ll be getting fuel economy that’s 20% less than what Ford or Hyundai claims. . .

  • Rickers

    Wow. You work for Toyota and you’d seriously rather drive a VW?

  • Jimmyny

    I guess it depends on the type of Off-Roading. I think for dune bashing this thing is pretty awesome. For rock crawling I’d rather have an FJ.

  • Michael H

    In many ways ABSOLUTELY. I do love my Tacoma and have had several other trucks. All were memorable. I also love my TDI for it’s handling and performance. I would most certainly rather drive my TDI than a Prius which is the most uninspiring, boring ride I have ever seen, color matched sharkfin antenna and all.

  • Michael H

    So do the aftermarket items. In most cases, their warranty is better. Really the only thing TRD on a stock truck is the sticker.