2016 Honda Civic MEGA Gallery


It’s no secret; the Honda Civic is all new for 2016. If you haven’t had a good look at this outstanding compact car yet, check out this MEGA gallery of photos. You won’t be disappointed … well, we can’t guarantee you’ll love it but, well, you get the point. 

With a new architecture, fresh powertrains and a more stylish body, the 2016 Civic looks like a winner. And that’s a good thing because it has some pretty big tire tracks to fill.

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Honda has sold more than 10 million of these machines in America since Richard Nixon was president. Beyond the warm embrace of Lady Liberty, they’ve delivered some of 35 million of them to customers around the globe. That’s some serious business.

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In fact, the Civic is Honda’s longest-running automotive nameplate and their most popular model. To ensure the 10th generation of this car continues its winning streak engineers made it larger, gave it class-leading technology and made it even more economical.

What do you think of the 2016 Honda? Does it look like a segment-leading product or an also-ran in the compact class? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Shady N. Janzeir

    Just look at it. It’s almost ad if it’s trying too hard with all those lines, creases, seams and curves. It’s a far cry from the elegant simplicity of, say, a Mazda 3, which I’m sure would make the driving experience, no matter how good it might be, just that much more disappointing.

  • Gustavo Forastiere

    I really like it.