2017 Lincoln Continental to Debut in January


The production version of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental will debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January. 

We have already seen the concept version of the Continental, which will heavily influence the design of the production car. A front-wheel driven platform will serve as the basis of the Continental though all-wheel drive will be available.

Brand marketing manager Imran Jalal told Car and Driver that “it is possible” that the Continental’s new grille might end up migrating to more of the Lincoln lineup, as reaction to the concept car was “very promising” according to Jalal.

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Under the hood, a unique 3.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged V6 will be offered, aiming to provide a luxury drive. “We have high-performance engines, but we are going for a luxurious feeling rather than sportiness,” says Jalal.

Some believed that the revival of the Continental name might be the beginning of Lincoln ditching its MK naming scheme, but Jalal says this isn’t true. The MK-names are here to stay, excluding Navigator and Continental.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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  • Jon Austin

    I love Lincoln, and I know that concept vehicles are supposed to be “out there,” but this thing just looks heavy and tacky; the interior is a collision between super plush/soft and hard/shiny surfaces. The grille and headlamp arrays … how many times can they replicate the Lincoln logo in one small area of the vehicle? The stated reasoning behind the choice of the 3L EB power plant sounds like preemptive excuse making. Hopefully the production model will dump some of the glitz for solid, understated elegance.

  • johnls39 .

    Lincoln needs a new alphanumeric system and ditched the MK moniker altogether. And the name Continental does not need to come back on a front-wheel drive platform. That name need to be used on a more opulent 6 figure rear-wheel flagship when the whole Lincoln brand has a positive image one day.

    However, I do like the fact that Lincoln is going towards luxury only instead of sport but they need rear-wheel drive cars for more opulent profile which exudes more luxurious than their current front-wheel drive cars they have that don’t look all that hot.

  • Harry_Wild

    Cannot wait to see what the production version of the Lincoln Continental looks like! I just hope it looks more like the Concept then the current Chinese Taurus since they use the same frame! I have lost faith in both the Japanese and American concept vehicles will look similar to production models. The manufacturers are usually dumb down the looks and take all the great looks away! Then they wonder why it not selling! Only the Germans luxury cars carry through their “concepts” into final production vehicles pretty much unaltered.

  • dougt

    The styling looks like a cross between a Bently and Chrysler 300. It’s nicet, but it doesn’t really make any statement of originality. a few decades ago, the styling points between premium luxery cars were night and day…nobody mistook a lincoln for a caddy or a mercedes, even from 100 yards away.

    Regardless, the wheels are gaudy and ugly. I would reject the car based on those wheels alone. The interior is gaudy too, not sophisticated, just flashy and out of place. It looks like they consulted urban drug dealers on the appointments. Maybe they should rename it the Lincoln BlingBling. Is that the market they think they will make money with? If so, say good-by to your 60 years of Continental heritage and brand building.

  • accolade

    Nope, no the Germans don’t. Mercedes maybe, but Audi does not. Look at the Audi A3 Concept car and then look at the current Audi A3 8V.
    Car went from looking like a mini-Tesla Model S to looking like a shrunken A4.

  • tony_patt

    The car looks good, but the front wheel drive platform is a let down. And seriously, ditch the alphanumeric nonsense already.