Ludacris Mode Activated: Acura Bringing Rapper’s Car to SEMA


Acura has revealed details on two of its 2015 SEMA Show display cars.

The Japanese automaker’s SEMA showcase will be headlined by a custom restored 1993 Acura Legend sedan owned by actor and rapper Ludacris. The rapper’s 1993 Legend was severely damaged in an accident and Team Acura set out to artfully restore and modify the vehicle under the guidance of Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles as well as Acura Global Creative Director, Dave Marek.

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In addition to Ludacris’ Legend making an appearance, the automaker has teased a heavily modified 2016 ILX by Galpin Auto Sports, following up on the TLX creation that was unveiled last year in Las Vegas. According to Acura, the ILX build was inspired by the restoration of Ludacris’ Legend.

“Working with a real car guy and a passionate Acura owner like Ludacris has made the processes of bringing his Legend back to its original glory a fun and unique experience,” said Marek. “We wanted to put our own stamp on the Legend while retaining the essence of the original that Ludacris has worked so hard to maintain over the years and we look forward to unveiling the sedan for the first time at the SEMA Show.”

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  • Crownie Royal

    My first car was a 1993 Legend … shame it had to die.

  • Paul Heemskerk

    I had a 93 Legend Coupe Type II engine. Loved it. One of my favorite cars