Acura, Porsche Drop Ranks in Annual Reliability Survey

Acura, Porsche Drop Ranks in Annual Reliability Survey

Brands that have built a reputation on reliability are starting to see a decline, according to Consumer Reports‘ Annual Auto Reliability Survey.

Numerous automakers saw significant drops in ranking this year with Acura and Cadillac both falling seven spots to 18th place and 25th place, respectively. Attributing to Acura’s issues were in-car electronics and transmissions in the newest RLX and TLX models, while Cadillac owners were not pleased with the CUE infotainment system as well as platform issues with the Escalade SUV. View the complete list of automakers and how they ranked in the Annual Auto Reliability Survey below.

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1) Lexus

Lexus continues to lead the way in reliability, earning an average score of 64 percent with seven models in its lineup. The company’s ranking on the Annual Auto Reliability survey remains unchanged compared to last year.

2) Toyota

With a dozen cars in its lineup, Toyota stayed steady as well at second place with an average score of 56 percent.

3) Audi

The top German automaker when it comes to reliability, Audi rose two spots to third place with eight models in its lineup and an average score of 41 percent.

4) Mazda

The third of four Japanese brands in the top five this year, Mazda dropped one spot to fourth place with an average score of 35 percent across four models.

5) Subaru

Subaru rose two spots to fifth place with seven models in its lineup and an average score of 28 percent.


6) Kia

Korean automaker Kia saw one of the biggest jumps, climbing from 10th place to 6th place. The company has six models and received an average score of 27 percent.

7) Buick

Buick technically tied Kia with a score of 27 percent with five models in the American automaker’s lineup. Compared to last year, Buick dropped one spot, although that could be argued since Kia had the same reliability score albeit with one more model in its lineup.

8) Honda

Thanks to infotainment glitches in its redesigned and freshened vehicles, Honda saw a surprising drop of four spots down to eighth place. The company had four models ranked with an average score of 13 percent.

9) Hyundai

Hyundai is also on the rise, jumping four spots to ninth place this year with an average score of six percent across 10 models.

10) MINI

British automaker MINI didn’t make any moves this year, sticking to its 10th place with an average score of one percent for two models.

11) BMW

Although BMW got an average score of zero percent, it rose three positions to 11th place with seven models ranked.


12) Volvo

Volvo was another brand that stayed steady for the year sticking to 12th place with an average score of -3 percent. The Swedish automaker had four models ranked for this year’s Auto Reliability Survey.

13) Volkswagen

Perceived reliability with Volkswagen could change now that the diesel scandal has broke, but the company managed to climb four spots to 13th place with an average score of -7 percent across eight models.

14) Porsche

Another automaker that saw a sharp decline in reliability, Porsche fell five spots to 14th place, netting an average score of -8 percent on five models. The publication attributed Porsche’s woes to a decline with the Cayman, while the Macan had a “below-average debut.”

15) Nissan

Nissan managed to rise one spot to 15th place with an average score of -18 percent with nine models.

16) Lincoln

Falling into the “Least Reliable” category, Lincoln dropped one spot to 16th place with an average score of -27 percent across three models.

17) Ford

American automaker Ford jumped six spots but reliability remains a concern for the company. It had an average score of -28 percent on 13 models but moved up thanks to strong performance by the redesigned F-150 and Expedition SUV models.


18) Acura

Acura suffered significantly this year in reliability as we mentioned before, plummeting seven spots to 18th place. It had an average score of -28 percent on four models and the company will have to focus on fine-tuning its RLX and TLX models in order to improve.

19) GMC

GMC didn’t move compared to last year’s survey, sticking to the 19th spot with a score of -46 percent across eight models.

20) Chevrolet

Chevrolet saw a slight improvement, going up one spot to 20th place. Still, the American automaker has an average score of -48 percent on 11 models.

21) Mercedes-Benz

The lowest of the three major luxury German automakers, Mercedes-Benz did climb three spots to 21th place but still has an average score of -49 percent with six models.

22) Chrysler

Chrysler also didn’t change for the year, staying at 22nd place with an average score of -49 percent across three models.

23) Dodge

Sister brand Dodge saw an improvement of two places, rising to 23rd place. It’s not all good news for the American automaker however, since it has an average score of -52 percent across six models.


24) Infiniti

Unlike Nissan that saw an improvement, luxury arm Infiniti fell four spots to 24th place with an average score of -55 across three models.

25) Cadillac

Like Acura, Cadillac fell seven spots to 25th place with an average score of -91 percent on five models.

26) Ram

Sitting at the bottom of the list are three brands that have built a reputation on poor reliability. Ram remained in 26th place with an average score of -95 percent with two models.

27) Jeep

Jeep came second to last with an average score of -97 percent across four models.

28) Fiat

Lastly, Fiat continues to struggle in reliability rankings, sticking to 28th place with an average score of -177 percent – significantly worse than Jeep.

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  • smartacus

    -no surprise: 5 of the bottom 7 are FCA
    -Acura dropping below FORD to sit just above GMC and Chevrolet is not surprising.
    -KIA jumping up to 6th is a surprise.

  • Jay Last

    “now that the diesel scandal has broke”?


  • johnls39 .

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • whateverdude

    Lexus at the top. No surprises here. JD Power would probably have it at the top too.

  • Mike

    And Toyota at the top is no shocker. They are there every year. But the haters still gonna hate.

  • smartacus

    aw yeah; Autobahnen are full of Lexi and Toyotae
    … at least ISIS loves Toyota too; not just Somali warlords. No Shocker.

  • Mike

    As if Toyota had any part in selling their trucks to those groups. They were obtained by illegal means. But do you blame them driving Toyota trucks? After all, they are the most durable, toughest, and most reliable vehicles on the planet.

  • smartacus

    People still hate German cars by association and nobody is saying about those customers “do you blame them”?

  • Mike

    Love German products like our pricy cuckoo clock, but wouldn’t buy a German made car, or any European made car for that matter, unless it was a lease. Too many electrical issues. People in Europe don’t drive long distances like Americans do, thus they are built for the European culture. But their craftsmanship is great. Just not reliable enough like a Toyota, as boring as they may sometimes be. My FJ had character. Like the Tacomas, and the Yaris is nice for what it is. Solid as hell too. Not impressed with the other lineup. I would drive a 4runner or Land Cruiser if they offer a manual tranny, but they don’t. And I absolutely refuse to drive a CVT.

  • smartacus

    Oh naturally you have a cuckoo clock 🙂
    LOL at too many electrical issues in European cars.
    FYI Citröen, Renault, Peugeot are not available here.

    LOLOL at European cars built for European Culture of short drives
    …unlike Japanese cars and kei cars for Japanese culture eh? Because Japanese are used to driving from Sea to Shining Sea unlike Europeans who NEEEVER drive across the continent.

    One day Europe will build autobahns like mighty Japan where the maximum speed limit is 62MPH

    I agree the craftsmanship in Toyota is so good.
    For example the Camry Hybrid had such a notorious brake failure issue (causing not just accidents, but accidents with serious injuries) that Toyota’s biggest cheerleader Consumer Ripoffs, begged Toyota to finally recall the car so they wouldn’t have to strip their recommendation 🙂

    I’m happy for your FJ…but Toyota discontinued it.

    Yaris? I wouldn’t wanna be hit by a smart car in that thing.