Can You Believe this Koenigsegg is 19 Years Old?


The first-ever Koenigsegg prototype recently made a trip home to the Swedish automaker’s factory.

The car resides at the Motala Motormuseum some 124 miles from Stockholm, but the prototype made a trip to Koenigsegg’s factory to be part of a photo shoot, joining a number of important Koenigseggs including a CC8S, CCR, CCXR Edition, CCXR, Agera R and the One:1. Powered by a standard 4.2-liter V8 engine sourced from Audi, the prototype sports a six-speed manual transmission, full composite bodywork and three-piece BBS wheels with custom centers featuring Koenigsegg shield cutouts.

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According to Koenigsegg, the prototype took the best part of two years to build and was finished in 1996. It was initially painted silver when it debuted at a track meeting in Anderstorp with Swedish racing driver Rickard Rydell behind the wheel. After that, the automaker outfitted the prototype with an early version of the company’s unique dihedral synchro-helix door mechanism, causing some minor body work to be done, resulting in the prototype being painted black.

But black proved too hard to maintain, so the prototype was painted the metallic brown it is today. Funny enough, CEO Christian von Koenigsegg actually wanted to paint it a burnt orange shade from Volvo, but something got lost in translation while Koenigsegg discussed the paint color over the phone with the painter.

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