Domino’s Pizza Spark is the Chevrolet the World Needed

Domino’s Pizza Spark is the Chevrolet the World Needed

Soon 100 Domino’s Pizza Chevrolet Sparks will be delivering cheesy goodness to hungry people all across America. 

The pizza chain has picked the 2015 Chevrolet Spark to be the foundation for its Domino’s Delivery Expert (DXP), and the special car has a built-in warming oven and enough space to hold 80 pizzas!

“The Spark will help bring Domino’s heritage of pizza delivery innovation to the streets, due in part to the vehicle’s emphasis on driver experience, nimble maneuverability and fuel economy – assets important to the modern day pizza delivery driver,” the company said in a press release.

The vehicle was adapted from a crowd-sourced concept project and was brought to reality by Roush Enterprises, part of the the same Roush that makes tricked-out Mustangs.

The first pizza Sparks will roll out this November in 25 U.S. markets.

  • constantine272

    Autoguide, please please PLEASE do a video review of this tricked out track monster!