Elon Musk Defends Tesla After Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendation

Elon Musk Defends Tesla After Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendation

Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a couple tweets in response to Consumer Reports pulling its recommendation for the Tesla Model S.

Consumer Reports‘ annual reliability survey revealed that numerous Tesla Model S owners are reporting reliability issues with their vehicles ranging from drivetrain and power equipment problems to faulty door handles and sunroofs. The publication surveyed 1,400 Model S owners and as a result of the responses, Consumer Reports no longer recommends the Model S. This is all despite the fact that it gave the Model S a perfect score on its review, a higher score than any other product it has ever tested.

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Some of the issues were attributed to the fact that the Model S is older now and owners have had the vehicle for longer, so wear and tear issues are popping up. Musk responded on Twitter saying that the reliability survey included a lot of early production cars and that those issues have already been addressed in new cars. In addition, Musk reiterated that Tesla received a top rating of any company in service, adding that Consumer Reports says 97 percent of current owners expect their next car to be a Tesla.

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  • smartacus

    He is not helping

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  • blackandwhiteohana

    Neither are you.

  • smartacus

    Neither are you

  • I’d still buy one, if I had that kind of money.

  • OsamaBinLimbaugh

    How so?

  • Gia

    I appreciate your concern but shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?

  • smartacus

    How not?

  • hearsetrax

    just my two cents ……

    I still say the tesla is a cute experiment and has tons of room for improvement, but still a nothing more then ipad on wheels

  • OsamaBinLimbaugh

    So that’s how you answer questions?

  • smartacus

    So that’s how you ask questions?

  • CactusJack

    Consumer Reports has always been full of crap. Their evaluations are not done by knowledgeable people, are usually based on a single sample, and often end up being completely subjective despite the technical jargon they employ. Their “statistical analysis” of owner reports violates just about every rule of statistical reliability. And just look at their Honda bias over the years. I remember a review of a category called something like “sporty compacts” or something similar. Despite scoring in the middle or lower in every category except fuel mileage, the Honda got the nod. As I had predicted before reading the article. Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe at Any Speed” set the standard. The extensive reviews by both the Engineering School at UTexas and the NHTSB disputed the Nader’s results, but guess what gets mentioned any time the Corvair is mentioned? Nader’s main complaint, the swing axle, remained in use for years after GM dropped it by Volkswagen and Porsche. But hey, the Bug was PC, so was untouchable. Nader isn’t even a good lawyer; he’s certainly no engineer. I read the rag every couple of years and it has never gotten any better.

    I have no more confidence in a Consumer Reports opinion than I do in that of any other ignorant blowhard.

  • OsamaBinLimbaugh

    Ah, a nabob on the Internet.


  • smartacus

    said the school aged child of liberal parents

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    You must be trolling …

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I think what happened here is what Musk addressed, not a huge deal. If anything CR didn’t clairify the details of their survey, which is not cool, but they end up appearing to contradict themselves. CR is still better that J.D. Power, and if they have a Honda bias, I’d say it’s well founded. Still, all these types of surveys should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • CactusJack

    Okay, but JDPower uses scientifically accepted methods of statistical sampling, unlike CR. And you are certainly welcome to forgive CR’s bias, but the point of statistics is to minimize bias. I agree that no analysis should ever be accepted as perfect, but the fact is that most people who read CR only look at the ratings, not the analyses, which often reveal the weaknesses of CR’s approaches to the careful reader. That’s not to say they are wrong, only that they are too unreliable to be useful.