Ferrari Increasing Production 30 Percent by 2019


Ferrari will build more cars by 2019 in hopes of meeting demand in emerging markets.

According to SEC filings made by the Italian automaker, production will increase from the current volume of 7,000 units per year to 9,000 by 2019, marking a 30-percent increase. Ferrari also plans on introducing new models over the same time period, some of which will be special, limited edition cars and supercars like the LaFerrari.

Specifically, the company said in the filing that it is increasing production in order to meet “growing demand in emerging markets and from demographic changes as the size and spending capacity of our target client grows.”

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Even so, Ferrari is being careful and aware that exclusivity is a major reason for owning one of its exotics. It iterated that it will “maintain a reputation of exclusivity and scarcity among purchasers of our cars and deliberately monitor and maintain our production volumes and delivery wait times to promote this reputation.”

The argument of whether Ferrari should increase its production has been a significant one over the years. Former head of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo departed the company because of his desire to keep production numbers low in order to preserve Ferrari’s exclusivity. The CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which owns Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne disagreed and now that Montezemolo has left the building, Marchionne is moving forward with increasing production.

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  • smartacus

    This is absolutely the wrong thing to do.
    Too many are not good for exclusivity.
    And old ones never go to the crusher, they just live on.

    Oh yeah, and those burgeoning Chinese Millionaires buying Ferrari cars are a fantasy.
    China’s stock market lost more money in July than all of Germany makes in a year.