GM Has a New Ignition Switch Recall

GM Has a New Ignition Switch Recall

General Motors has a new ignition switch recall.

Fortunately, this time around, the American automaker caught it early and no crashes or injuries related to the issue have been reported. The recall affects 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickups, as well as 2015 heavy-duty pickups and the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe SUVs. In total, about 3,300 vehicles are affected and the issue was first discovered by an employee who owned one of the trucks and informed higher-ups of the issue as part of the company’s new Speak Up for Safety program.

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According to GM, the issue resides with the ignition switch that can get stuck in the “start” position and slip into “accessory” if jostled. As a result, engines will shut off unintentionally, disabling power steering, power brakes and possibly the air bag. The issue is similar to the massive ignition switch recall that was ultimately linked to 169 deaths and hundreds of injuries and affected millions of cars worldwide.

In total, GM has received five reports of engines shutting off and dealers will replace the ignition lock housing as a fix.

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  • johnls39 .

    I’m glad that employee caught this early but GM needs to do a better job in initial quality.

  • craigcole

    Good for you, GM, catching this stuff early. But it’s kind of odd they’re having MORE ignition issues. I mean, how difficult is it to make a switch?

  • Cliff

    How the HELL do you screw up an ignition switch? That’s what, twice now? It’s not even the electronic part, it’s physically getting stuck. Somehow they’re managing to botch ~100 year old technology.