Honda Civic, Fit Recalled for Transmission Issue


The Honda Civic and Fit models are being recalled for an issue with their continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

A total of 143,676 vehicles are impacted by the recall that affects the 2014-2015 Honda Civic and the 2015 Honda Fit in the U.S. According to Honda, affected vehicles have CVT control software that is written to use high hydraulic pressure during certain CVT operation modes, which as a result may subject the drive pulley shaft to high stress. However, some parts during manufacturing of the drive pulley shaft may have been produced at the low end of the hardness specification.

If shafts produced at the low end of the hardness specification are repeatedly subjected to the specific high hydraulic pressure mode, it could result in the shaft breaking during operation. If that occurs, the vehicle could lose acceleration or the front wheels can lock up while driving, increasing the risk of a crash.

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No crashes or injuries related to the issue have been reported. The issue was first discovered through the warranty claim process in the U.S. and mailed notifications to affected customers will be sent out in mid-October. As a fix, Honda will update the transmission software free of charge.

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  • smartacus

    good reason to get the 6-speed

  • Mike

    Honda CVT’s suck.