Hyundai Unveils New Hybrid Engine, 8-Speed Transmission

Hyundai Unveils New Hybrid Engine, 8-Speed Transmission

Hyundai has introduced a new hybrid-dedicated GDI engine as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission for its front-wheel-drive vehicles.

The new 1.6-liter GDI engine was designed from the start to boost power, performance and fuel economy. The powerplant will arrive in markets early next year and is Hyundai’s first engine that combines the Atkinson cycle, cooled exhaust gas reduction (EGR) and a long stroke specification to maximize thermal efficiency. According to the Korean automaker, the integration of those technologies allows the new engine to have 30 to 40 percent better thermal efficiency compared to any typical engine in its class. Destined to be used in future hybrid models, the gasoline engine on its own produces 104 horsepower and 108 pound-feet of torque.

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As for the new eight-speed automatic transmission, Hyundai revealed that it has improved fuel economy by an impressive 7.3 percent compared to the current six-speed unit. The transmission also offers better driveability and smoothness and will be available as an option in numerous models outfitted with the company’s Lambda, Theta turbo GDI and R family engines, focusing on the large and luxury car segments. Based on a unique layout, the transmission has one more clutch than the current six-speed automatic transmission and even weighs almost eight pounds lighter.

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