Is This the Mazda RX-9 Sports Car We’ve Been Dreaming Of?


It is looking more and more likely that the Mazda RX-9 will make its debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

After previewing a new sports car concept in a veiled teaser image, a Japanese magazine has released renders of what appears to be the Mazda RX-9 that might debut later this month. The highly anticipated replacement to the RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars shares a similar design to the new Mazda MX-5 Miata up front while the rest of the body lines are a bit inspired by an Aston Martin, giving it a luxurious look.

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As for what will be powering the Mazda RX-9, rumors and speculation are running wild. It’s nearly a guarantee that Mazda will outfit it with a rotary engine, otherwise it wouldn’t be a true RX model. It is believed the Japanese automaker is testing a new hybrid turbo rotary powerplant with a twin 800-cc rotor setup expected to churn out around 450 horsepower with the assistance of an electric turbocharger.

Mazda will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its rotary engine in 2017, so the timing is in place for the automaker to debut a concept, formulate a production model and send it off to dealerships in time for the celebration.

[Source: Motoring]

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  • Wu Ming

    Look chaps, a Mazda DBRX-9. Dreams of owning Aston Martin levels of lusciousness at the price of a Mazda shall be dreams no more.

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  • How much for the PanAmerica license to draw? ;

  • craigcole

    YUMMY! Bring this out right now, Mazda!!!

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    Does your late night job pay more?