Jaguar Land Rover Sticking to U.S. Diesel Plans

Jaguar Land Rover Sticking to U.S. Diesel Plans

In the wake of Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is sticking to its plans to roll out more diesel-powered vehicles in North America.

JLR CEO Joe Eberhardt said that it’s too soon to tell how the Volkswagen disaster will impact the rest of the industry, but the company won’t change its plans to bring more diesel cars to the U.S. and Canada. The Range Rover Td6 and Range Rover Sport Td6 diesel SUVs are the company’s first diesel cars in North America, and they just arrived in September and so far account for 16 percent of the sales of those models.

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With all manufacturers that make diesel cars now under the microscope, Eberhardt said Land Rover is “very confident” that its diesel technology will legally meet all EPA standards.

“We are convinced of the benefits of diesels from a fuel economy and from an all-wheel drivability perspective, and that hasn’t changed,” Eberhardt said at an event in Detroit. He said JLR is planning for diesels to account for 20 percent of their sales.

Jaguar is also planning to launch a diesel-powered XE sedan and diesel versions of its XJ and new F-Pace SUV are likely to make their way here as well.

[Source: Automotive News]

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