The VW Diesel Scandal Is Now a DIY Halloween Costume

The VW Diesel Scandal Is Now a DIY Halloween Costume

Celebrate Halloween in style this year with a timely costume by embracing the Volkswagen diesel scandal.

The folks over at has put together a do-it-yourself guide to put together your very own Volkswagen diesel scandal costume in case there’s nothing else you want to be this Halloween. You’ll need to grab yourself a deluxe smoke mask, a video game car costume, adult black combat boots, spider web decor, fake money, toilet paper tube, box, can, gas can and black spray paint. The most difficult part to this DIY costume is building the emissions smoke cloud and the exhaust pipe, but that’s where the spider web comes in.

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By bundling the spider web, you’ll be able to make it nice and fluffy and a bit of fishing line can even be used to help tie it all together. Spray down the spider web with the black spray paint and clog it into your toilet paper tube before fitting it onto your car costume.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any kids sporting the costume this year, but if you did, it’s very likely their parents aren’t too happy about the Volkswagen diesel scandal.

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