Man Claims to Know Secret Location of James Dean’s Crashed Porsche

Man Claims to Know Secret Location of James Dean’s Crashed Porsche

Sixty years after Hollywood legend James Dean died in a car crash while driving his prized 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, a man claims to know where the wreckage has been secretly stashed. 

After the fatal crash in 1955 that killed Dean at the age of 24, the wrecked car was used to promote highway safety, but the car disappeared in the ’60s while being transported and hasn’t been seen since.

The Volo Auto Museum in Illinois is offering a $1-million reward for the wrecked Porsche, and a man has come forward claiming he knows the car’s secret whereabouts. The man claims to have witnessed the car being hidden when he was 6 years old and even passed a polygraph test. He says the wreckage is being hidden behind a fake wall in an undisclosed building in Washington. He won’t reveal which building until he signs a deal with the museum regarding the reward money.

The above photo is believed to be the last photo of Dean and his Porsche before he died. It was apparently taken just hours before the fatal crash.

[Source: Motor Authority and ABC News. Photo via Volo Auto Museum]

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