Mazda Confirms Sports Car Concept Will Be Rotary-Powered

Mazda Confirms Sports Car Concept Will Be Rotary-Powered

Mazda will be bringing a new sports car concept to the Tokyo Motor Show this week, and the Japanese automaker has confirmed that it will have a rotary engine.

Seemingly answering enthusiasts’ prayers, Mazda has told Autocar that the new rotary engine in what will likely be the RX-9 concept will be called the SkyActiv-R.

“People think rotary cannot meet modern Eco demands,” Kiyoshi Fujiwara, the company’s head of research and development, said to the publication. “The SkyActiv engineers worked on rotary and have it cutting edge tech. It is an essential part of our DNA and it just be passed onto future engineers. It is synonymous with the brand. Some time in the future it will return and be called SkyActiv-R”

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The concept is a low-slung, two-door, two seater that was previewed in the leaked image/render seen above. There is no official launch date for the next Mazda sports car, but 2018 will be the 40th anniversary of the original RX-7, which would be a prime time to debut an RX-9.

Stay tuned, as will be covering the Tokyo Motor Show live, and will bring you more information on this Mazda concept when it becomes available.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Pat J Shields

    Mazda tried the Rotary Engine concept in the 1970s and it was an abysmal failure. The engines broke down and the dealers couldn’t get parts to fix them. My friend had one that he had to keep inactive for 2 years waiting for repairs. Sold it as soon as it was roadworthy and will never look back. Mazda did not back up their product. I believe they were stunned and overwhelmed by the engine failures.

  • Shane Rotary man

    Strange back in the 70’s Mazda would send a full long block engine from New Jersey. The process took less then a week to swap the Rx-2 and get back on the road. The first year maybe it would take up to one month in 1971. Otherwise it was simple process, also the 12a/13b rotary engine from 1973 were very good, would last over 200k. The rx8 rotary was a different story.

  • Cody Beisel

    I know tons of rx8 that have 20xxx plus kms on them with lots of hard miles and still running strong. Don’t let the first 2 years thay had issues be the only opinion you base on a cars reliability when mazda did fix the problem and there’s many happy owners

  • Shane Rotary man

    Hi Cody, never delt with the side port RE,s, only the older prep port ones pre rx8. Thanks for letting me know they hold up better then the “urban” myths on the Internet.