Poll: Tesla Model S or Model X?

Poll: Tesla Model S or Model X?

We all know you love Teslas, but now that there are two models out, which one would you rather own: The Model S sedan or the new Model X SUV?

Even though the Model S is about three years old, people are still lining up to buy one. But now that the Model X has come out, will those unique falcon doors steal some of the sedan’s thunder?

Let us know which American-made, fully electric vehicle you would rather own in the poll below.

BUT FIRST: Read more about the Model X here and the Model S here

  • Steve

    I don’t like the X. It just looks like a ready tall Prius. The design isn’t as sleek as the S.

  • smartacus

    hmm… S or X?
    i think i’ll punt and say iMiEV

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I voted for the S because the doors on the X were never cool and they’re not now.

  • CMCNestT .

    X. Doors are cool today and will be so 100 years from now.

    Plus the helicopter type front windshield.

    2012 S and 2015 X will be in the Smithsonian some day.

  • blady11

    X. More space.

  • blady11

    Although, I MIGHT be able to afford M, whenever it comes out….Ha Ha

  • Rickers

    . . . said no one ever

  • But I voted for the X because of EVERYTHING!

  • But I love the X EVEN MORE!

  • Rochester

    I’d rather a smaller, 2DR Coupe. Still waiting for that.

  • johnls39 .

    I’ll go for the Model S, the X looks bland and more of a crossover coupe too me.

  • iOptimusMoto

    Considering a fully loaded Model X is only about $4000 more than a fully loaded Model S, I’ll just go with the X.