Poll: Which concept car is hotter?

Poll: Which concept car is hotter?

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show has come to a close, and it hosted the debuts of two of the hottest concept cars we’ve seen in a while.

The Yamaha Sports Ride concept was a huge surprise because, well, Yamaha doesn’t make cars. The Japanese company is more famous for its motorcycles, ATVs and musical instruments than cars, but if this concept is any indication, Yamaha has some serious tricks up its sleeve.

The Mazda RX-Vision is the rotary-powered sports car Mazda fans have been praying for, and just one look at at gorgeous, swoopy design, and you know it means business.

But which concept car is hotter? Vote in our poll below.

BUT FIRST: Read more about the Yamaha Sports Ride concept here and the Mazda R-Vision here

  • smartacus

    i chose the Yami because of Gordon Murray’s iStream.
    Something about a car that weighs almost 400lbs less than the new smart fortwo…

  • The hottest concept car is THE NISSAN IDS!

  • Tre Deuce

    Like the Yamaha, but the RX-Vision is pure eye candy, curves to die for, simplicity that never offends, and reminds me of the great 50’s-60’s designs from the great Italian Carrozzeria’s

    I imagine myself behind the wheel of cars like the Vision, and running my hands over it like a beautiful, sensuous woman, or just sitting on a park bench taking in its beauty. The automotive world would be much richer if this car were produced.