Porsche 911 R Planned as a GT3 With a Stick-Shift

Porsche 911 R Planned as a GT3 With a Stick-Shift

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Porsche is listening to its fans and is finding a way to equip its models with a manual transmission.

When the German automaker first announced the 911 GT3, it received a lot of criticism for not offering a manual transmission with Porsche’s reasoning being that the car was faster without a manual and speed is all that matters when it comes to being a track car. But then the company introduced the Cayman GT4 that only comes with a manual transmission, and it appears that the reception was so positive Porsche is doing it again with another model.

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This time it’ll be the Porsche 911 R, powered by the same 3.8-liter engine with 475 horsepower found in the GT3. As a limited production model available only with a manual transmission, the 911 R pays tribute to the original and will sport no rear spoiler similar to the 911 GTS. Expect less rubber on all four corners compared to the GT3, making it a more street-oriented sports car. It will however, be lighter compared to the standard 911.

Even crazier, rumor has it that the car is already sold out to VIP customers before it has even been formally announced.

[Source: Road & Track]

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  • Transpower

    Don’t you mean Stick-Shift, not Sick-Shift???

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