Tesla Driver Using Autopilot Has a Close Call Exiting a Freeway

Tesla Driver Using Autopilot Has a Close Call Exiting a Freeway

The Tesla Model S Autopilot software has been out for just one day, and one driver has already had a close call.

Fortunately, the software isn’t to blame because the owner didn’t fully understand the limitations of the system. Ever since it was originally announced, Tesla has made it clear that Autopilot is intended for highway use only, and exit ramps aren’t included in that. The video itself is mostly uneventful, with the Autopilot software competently doing its job, but once it starts exiting the highway, it didn’t compensate for a sharp left turn because the line markings were disrupted and not consistent. CEO Elon Musk has made a point that clearly defined lines are extremely important for Autopilot to function properly.

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That’s one of the bad side effects of having over-the-air updates. As great as it is that Tesla owners are getting vehicle updates without having to visit to the dealership, drivers need to be properly educated on what the limitations of the system are. Autopilot is being marked as a beta and isn’t intended for complete hands-off use and hopefully Tesla owners understand that before they start finding their ways into accidents and blaming the semi-autonomous driving system.

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  • smartacus

    no thanks

  • Eric Cameron

    No thanks is right. I don’t think I could ever trust a purely automatic system, let alone a SEMI autonomous system, especially when you have a steering wheel right in front of you moving.

    If it’s not on rails, forget it.

  • johnls39 .

    See that the system has a flaw in it but it will get better with time as the technology progresses. Just make sure not to fall asleep while auto-piloting.

  • ImUrOBGYN .

    Overreact much? lol
    And, let’s see. Hmm, so it’s good where it’s intended and not as good where it’s not intended. Mind blowing…
    I hope plenty of Tesla drivers watch the vid or educate themselves. Of which I’m sure they will. There’s always a few though and hopefully, they won’t ruin it for everyone.

  • Kinetis

    Naming it “Highway Auto-Pilot” would make buyers more aware of its limitations

  • Glen

    I wonder if it has an audible warning if it loses “sight” of one of the lane markers. In this video, you can see that there is no left lane marker when he made that correction. It probably also should be able to use the GPS to know when it has exited the freeway and should warn the driver to take control. Will be interesting to see how many incidents happen in the near future.

  • Well that looks entirely safe… not.