Tesla Autopilot Software Begins Rollling Out October 15


Tesla owners will get to check out the company’s Autopilot software starting tomorrow.

CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla version 7 software with Autopilot will begin rolling out October 15 and will reach all vehicle owners within roughly five days. For early Tesla Model S adopters who have models not compatible with the Autopilot technology, the system will still benefit from the software upgrade with a new look, although the main user interface change will come with Tesla software 7.1.

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The Autopilot software will be the same for the Model S and the Model X, according to Musk and will include highway auto-steer and lane change as well as the ability to summon the vehicle through a phone app and Autopilot parking.

Late last month, Tesla began deliveries for the Model X crossover featuring Falcon Wing doors. Now those owners will get new technology to play with as Tesla looks to steadily work towards self-driving vehicles without needing owners to purchase an all-new car.

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    Looks like Tesla is the new standard for luxury brands is concerned for right now.