7 of the Coolest Car Keys We’ve Ever Seen

7 of the Coolest Car Keys We’ve Ever Seen

Most often an afterthought with car shoppers, car keys don’t have to be mundane and boring.

AutoGuide.com scoured the Internet looking for some of the coolest car keys that have ever been made and some are surprisingly unique. It’s probably a nice feeling when you’re being handed the keys to your brand new car and they look like this:

Aston Martin


Aston Martin doesn’t call its car key a key; the British automaker refers to it as an “Emotional Control Unit.” Made out of Sapphire Crystal, it’ll cost you a cool $2,000 if you accidentally misplace it. It’s probably fitting for the brand that has ties to James Bond that its keys are just as fancy as all the other gadgets at 007’s disposal.

BMW 7 Series


By far one of the coolest modern keys available today is the new BMW 7 Series key fob. Sporting a digital screen, it doubles as a remote control so that you can tell the vehicle to self park without you behind the wheel. It can also give you updates on the car’s status like when you’ll need to refuel. The key looks a lot like the BMW i8’s key and it sports a 2.2-inch touchscreen.



If you’re having a hard time figuring out where the car key is in this photo, it’s the Koenigsegg shield on the top right. Constructed in the shape of the Swedish automaker’s logo, the key fob sports a little rubber button on the back that enables the owner to trigger the car’s alarm. It’s probably the least subtle thing about owning a Koenigsegg.

Nissan 300ZX


There was a time when the Nissan 300ZX was one of the coolest cars available and the Japanese automaker paired it with a rad titanium key. To this day, it’s one of the most sought after keys for car enthusiasts and you can purchase a blank replica for around $50 on the Internet. Nissan discontinued its production of the 300ZX titanium key shortly after the model’s production run was over.



We heard you like Pagani, so we gave you a mini Pagani with your Pagani. This all-in-one key is not only a stylish miniature model, but it doubles as a USB flash drive. It’s manufactured from the same aluminum used on the wheels of the Huayra and, well, we guess if you’re paying millions for a car, it’s the least the automaker can do.



It’s not over the top fancy, but it certainly looks cool. Looking like a little sports car sculpture, Porsche takes great pride in the key’s design and has a multitude of functions including dropping the top if you have a cabriolet model. The key can also activate the memory functions for the seat positions.



Like other fancy automakers, each Tesla Model S comes with a fancy car key that, well, looks a bit like the Model S. Part Matchbox car, part accessory, the Tesla key fob is slick and shiny with no visible buttons. There’s also no spare hidden key inside – but p