This Crazy Mitsubishi Concept Reacts to Your Mood


Mitsubishi has previewed a wild concept car that is heading to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Japanese automaker said its guiding theme has been “making feelings come true,” hinting at how the Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas concept will work. The company wants to create a vehicle that can automatically react to a driver’s requirements with minimal inputs, meaning hand motions rather than physical pushing of buttons and turning of dials. Inside the concept, the driver also has the option to put on a wearable device that vibrates to alert them of any hazards or changes to the car’s setup.

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There is also a head-up display focusing on potential hazards on the road, with the ability to switch to warn of dangers ahead, including around corners at junctions. The display uses 3D mapping to show off the information in a high-tech fashion. At all times, there’s a camera pointing at the driver to monitor facial expressions and the vehicle uses that data combined with a cardiograph to react accordingly, meaning that the car will able able to gauge your mood. All that information is automatically analyzed against historical data of the driver’s physical condition to advise on rest stops as well as recording data on hazard hotspots to share with other drivers.

Mitsubishi will also be showcasing the Emirai3 xAuto at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show that will preview the automaker’s fully autonomous driving technologies.

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  • smartacus

    does it react to “I’m in a big hurry” mood?