Top 10 Cars Owners Never Get Rid Of

Top 10 Cars Owners Never Get Rid Of

Not surprisingly, the list of Top 10 cars owners hold onto the longest are all Toyotas and Hondas. Every. Single. One.

Almost 30 percent of people who buy a Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 or Prius will keep it for more than 10 years, according to new data from a poll. Japanese cars (specifically Toyota and Honda) dominate even the Top 15 list, with just one Subaru making the cut; the Forester comes in as the No. 11 most-kept car with 22.9 percent of original owners still driving the car after 10 years.

The industry average for the percent of original owners who have their cars after 10 years is 13.5 percent. Reliability and customer satisfaction is a huge factor in how long owners keep their cars.

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The data also showed that domestic Big Three pickup trucks scored below the industry average with 13.1 percent of Chevrolet Silverado buyers reporting keeping their trucks 10 years or longer, 11.7 percent for Ram 1500 buyers and 11.4 percent of Ford F-150 buyers. This quicker turnaround could be due to the fact that pickups are typically put under more strenuous working conditions and get damaged and rack up more mileage quicker than a regular family car.

Here are the Top 10 cars owners keep the longest and the percent of original owners still holding the car for at least 10 years:

10. Honda Element – 23.1%


9. Honda Pilot – 23.3%


8. Toyota Avalon – 23.8%


7. Toyota Camry – 24.4%


6. Toyota Sienna – 25.4%


5. Honda Odyssey – 25.6%


4. Toyota HighLander – 26.5%


3. Toyota RAV4 – 28.2%


2. Toyota Prius – 28.5%


1. Honda CR-V – 28.6%



  • I drive a 12 year old Toyota Camry and will continue driving it until it dies. It has been a very reliable car

  • ali al-mohsin

    i drove a 19 year old land cruiser prado

  • smartacus

    Oh i’m not surprised at all

  • johnls39 .

    I had a ’96 Honda Civic I drove for close to 10 years and everything started falling apart within 2-3 months and got rid of it in ’08. Kind of surprise Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and other Asian brands did not make the list. So Honda and Toyota are the only brands very reliable I guess.

  • Reckoning Day

    Garbage !

  • Dan Deman

    2000 4Runner 4×4.. Classic off road 4×4 before too much bling set in on later models…

  • Vinu Weerasinghe

    My dad put ~288,000 miles on is ’89 Prelude before the clutch died in ’08, which is pretty good imo for a ~20 year car.

  • Mick


  • Mick

    I have a turbo Acura RSX-S myself.

  • Acc

    I had a 1971 Dodge Dart. My wife made me get rid of it in 1997. I had 267,000 miles on it. Only tuned it up twice. I sold it to my secretary’s nephew for $185. He used it to commute to college for 6 years. (Nice kid but not too quick.) I dint know exactly what he did with it, but the damned thing passed me last week in I95 near Philly. I was doing 85 in my Lexus. I could just KILL my wife. The End.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    ’90 Corolla. My favorite of all the cars I’ve ever owned, it was just so simple and comfortable too.

  • Reckoning Day

    I wish I knew.

  • DDas

    I’m surprised the 4Runner didn’t make the list. You will see millions of those on the road: all generations.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    All cars I’d never buy anyways 🙂

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    I’ll be keeping my Jeep SRT8 for life as most owners will… not sure if they took this specific trim into account.

  • Jerry Baustian

    Honda and Toyota are the biggest sellers. So more of them are still on the roads 10, 15, or even 20 years later.

    Also, the poll that is the basis for this article is never named.

  • D900T

    Some of these are pretty surprising. Especially as several of these models had transmissions that failed after 30K miles, to be replaced under warranty by the same unimproved transmission that failed after another 30K. Honda and Toyota stepped up their coverage to 100K, but guess what? That 4th transmission replacement was on the owners dime! Most often times some unsuspecting family on a tight budget thinking they were buying a reliable Japanese car after the original owner dumped it! (personal experience – I almost fell into one of those traps!)

  • narg

    I think there’s more to say about the owners than there is about the cars…

  • narg

    That’s one of the one’s that were built in Japan. Much better than the ones built today here in the US. The older one’s were so dang easy to keep running. The newer ones have just as many problems as any other car on the road.

  • Ron Jeremy

    Most of the people buying these cars are anything but auto enthusiasts, and I’d venture to state many cannot afford to purchase cars every 3 – 5 years.

    This says more about the owners than the cars they drive.

  • Mike

    LOL. People don’t keep Toyotas and Hondas because they are poor or lack enthusiasm. They are fantastic vehicles, with intelligent owners (probably more wealthy than you expect).

  • Xerxes

    My 2010, 270 hp, V6 RAV4 4WD begs to differ Ron.

    I’ll keep it for 10 years or so and then try to find something at least as fast and fun.

  • walster

    I kept my 99 Sienna until it was taken from me by a drunk driver. >250,000 miles. Found another 99 Sienna at a dealer across the bay with 29k miles 🙂

  • Roger Glover

    so who did the poll? Meaningless “data” without the credentials of who did the polling and the analysis.

  • jimboonie

    I’m probably the target of what a lot of the negative connotations are with these vehicles. I have a ’07 Camry SE and ’15 Sienna XLE, and I fully intend to pay the Sienna off and keep driving it as well. I use them mainly for family and I am admittedly not a car enthusiast. I just appreciate a good value and I don’t need any hassles from the vehicle. Could we afford a new car? Easily. But why? It’s such a shitty investment and there are other things I’d rather spend my money on.

  • Richard

    I have a 2012 Toyota Sienna Limited (2WD) that I purchased new. I was 76 at the time and figured this may be my last new car purchase,so I ordered it from the factory equipped with all the features I wanted on the vehicle. I usually keep my vehicles for 10 years. My biggest problem with vehicle design is I like the looks of the front of the vehicle but the rear design sucks or vice versa. I like a balanced look to a vehicle, and the profile of most vehicles today look like they are going downhill. In the old days we would call that look a “rake”. The 2011 through the 2015 Siennas have stayed basicly the same style, good looking front, rear and side profile which I think helps maintain vehicle value. I thourghly enjoy driving this vehicle and always hate to see the end of the trip come. Everything is so automated on this vehicle that you don’t need to get the remote out of your pocket or purse, just walk up to the vehicle pull the door handle and get in and drive. The only thing you have to do is steer it. If it senses a fast closing rate to the vehicle in front of you it will automaticly apply the brakes and tighten your seat belts. My favorite feature is the Dynamic Cruise Control, which when set will keep a safe following distance to the vehicle in front of you, all braking is done automaticly. There are three different following distances that can be set with a button on the steering wheel. Don’t get me wrong, one still needs to pay attention and prepared to take over command of the vehicle, but these features help you from getting into serious trouble. When it starts to get dark the headlights turn on automaticly, the bright lights dim automaticly when it senses oncoming traffic and returns to high beam when it no longer senses oncoming light. I could go on and on about the pluses of this vehicle, but it’s my favorite to date.

  • jeffhanson1

    But you can’t possibly be surprised since Toyota and Honda are two of the most reliable vehicle brands on earth.

  • jeffhanson1

    Manual transmission clutches typically last 5-10 years . Common wear item like brakes.

  • jeffhanson1

    My 13 year old Camry Solara’s auto transmission wore out at 188K. Reverse gear wore out along with some other tranny parts. I can’t complain. Even though it costed more to rebuild the tranny than the car is worth ($3000), I went ahead and had it repaired since the engine still runs like new. and the rest of the car is in good shape. I had the option of having a Toyota manufactured tranny put in for about the same price which is what I would recommend vs rebuilding if the price difference is within $500.

  • jeffhanson1

    You could just kill your wife because YOU let her make you get rid of it? Try not obeying orders next time.

  • Dale Faro

    Have a 2014 Sienna XLE, and have owned three Highlanders. These V-6 Toyotas give great reliability and value. The van is only 15 months old, and has 20K + miles, mostly from long trips to Nebraska, Wyoming (Yellowstone NP this summer) and upstate NY. Ride comfort is terrific. I briefly owned a 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite with the engine management system (shuts off three cylinders on level cruising) but, as mentioned by others, I had issues with the 6 speed transmission. After being repaired twice, I traded it, and will keep the Sienna until it or I pass on. My wife has a Subaru Legacy sedan, and like the Sienna, it is a rock solid vehicle that requires nothing other than routine maintenance. I will never buy a Chrysler Corp product again, as several I owned over the years were always dealer queens, with a variety of issues. My daughter has a 2014 Dodge Durango, with only 6K miles, and yesterday, it would not start, with the display stating “Key Fob Not Recognized”. Needs a software update, and I fixed the problem for now, by researching the internet, and finding if you remove the 15 amp ignition module fuse, and then replace it, it resets the system, allowing the push button start and key fob to talk to each other, and the SUV to actually function.

  • Dale Faro

    Ron, I am an auto enthusiast, and my friends always ask me about vehicles they are thinking of purchasing. I have had sports cars, collectable cars, pickup trucks, vans, suvs, etc. I appreciate a vehicle that is well built and doesn’t require endless repairs. I have leased luxury cars (see BMW) but would never choose to own one long term, as their rep is very expensive repairs once they get high mileage and off warranty.

  • Acc

    Oh shoot, I forgot. It was brown. Does THAT make it better?

    PS: where were you with your life altering advice when I needed it?

  • Acc

    Well wait a minute here, the car was brown. Does that make it better? And where were you with your life-altering wisdom when I needed it 18 years ago?

  • Reckoning Day

    Therefore the are full of bullshit.

  • jeffhanson1

    Is this the one and only Ron Jeremy from the movies? The manly legend?

  • jeffhanson1

    LOL! And wisdom that has altered my own life since I’ve been holding off as long as I can from ever being married. My time to take orders will come in which case all those years of wisdom goes out the window.

  • Iron Bunny

    We owned a Toyota Avalon (gen 1) for fourteen years. I’m on year six of my 2008 Honda Element SC with no end in sight. I’ve owned many Volvos for many years but they don’t compare to our Toyotas, Scions and Hondas.

  • Acc

    Wise choice indeed. I’ve been happily married for 8 years. Only problem is the ceremony was in 1968.

  • ipinsao

    I’ve been driving my 97 civic hatch. It was my college car now a daily driver almost 20 years old now.

  • ipinsao

    I have a 97 civic. Been driving it for almost 20 years now never had to replace the clutch still drives great. I’m waiting for it to die so I can get a new car.

  • ipinsao

    I’m still driving my 97 civic for almost 20 years. No major problems but replacing the batteries, brake pads and occasional oil change. The car still drives great.

  • johnls39 .

    How many miles your car have currently? That is excellent.

  • ipinsao

    185k its a great daily driver. The only reason I will need to get rid of it is because it gets old driving a stick especially when the traffic is getting worse in the city. The next hatch should be coming out next year.

  • Maverick99

    I have a 2012 Toyota Rav4 V6 Limited 4WD with less than 9000 miles on it. It is showroom condition, and I bought it in January from a Toyota dealer as it rolled onto the lot from its first owner. That was the last year they offered the V6 in a Rav4, so I had to scoop it up as a Certified deal. It rides and smells like a new car, with the only complaint being the firmness of the drivers seat. I bought a cushion for it, and now it is perfect! It is a sneaky road rocket in SUV clothing that I’ll probably still have 10 years from now.