Top Gear Dumping Three-Host Format

Top Gear Dumping Three-Host Format

When the new Top Gear is introduced on the BBC with Chris Evans at the helm, it won’t feature a three-host format.

Speaking candidly in a post on Top Gear‘s official website, new host Chris Evans shared some details on the new show and what it will entail, saying, “We are going to do things differently, because we have to, we want to.” He paid his respects to former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, adding that the three were “brilliant at it,” and that he is “a solo artist at the moment.”

The Stig also made an appearance in Cannes at the MIPCOM convention, hinting that he will make a return to the show.

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Evans confirmed that he knows which direction the show will go, as his team looks to shake up the tried-and-tested studio format of three presenters. Previous reports hinted that Top Gear will go the route of having rotating guest presenters for the new show.

Jeremy Clarkson was fired earlier this year after a “fracas” involving one of the show’s producers. Since then, the former Top Gear trio has signed a deal with Amazon to launch a new show.

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  • Mariano Palmero

    Who cares! It won’t be the same…

  • TheChickenwing100

    So if someone doesnt like Evans they wont watch the show full stop? Interesting choice

  • smartacus

    this is seriously ominous.
    Top Gear’s relevance is going the way of F1