Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Reportedly Involved at Least 30 Managers

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Reportedly Involved at Least 30 Managers

The Volkswagen diesel scandal could involve at least 30 managers, according to a recent report.

German publication Der Spiegel is reporting that preliminary findings from probes by law firm Jones Day and Volkswagen itself show that dozens of managers will be suspended as a result of the diesel scandal. At least 30 managers are reportedly involved with the decision to cheat on EPA diesel emissions tests, which is a far cry from Volkswagen’s U.S. CEO Michael Horn’s claim that “a couple of engineers” were the ones who installed the defeat devices on the vehicles.

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Horn has claimed that it was not a corporate decision to cheat on diesel emissions tests, although reports continue to surface contradicting that statement. The company recently admitted to U.S. regulators that its 2016 diesel models use an auxiliary emissions control device that operates differently from the defeat device included in the 2009-2015 model diesel vehicles. It’s worth noting that other automakers use auxiliary emissions control devices, but are required by law to disclose the use.

If it’s found that Volkswagen had planned a different software to help meet government standards in addition to the original defeat device, it will add credibility to the accusation that it was more than just a couple of engineers that installed the software.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • johnls39 .

    Pure speculation of course.

  • smartacus

    What i find most interesting is Michael Horny is the only one not quitting or fired.

    Even incoming VW North America chief Winfried Vahland resigned after only a couple of weeks on the job.

  • craigcole

    Looks like Sh** Creek just became the Sh**sissippi River and VW has to do the breaststroke its entire length.

  • batvette

    As a California resident who had to spend considerable labor and expense the last couple of biannual smog checks to keep an older car on the road nothing would make me happier than to see VW fined into bankruptcy, its factories bulldozed, and the VW badges removed from existing cars by their shamed owners. We endure these draconian measures like smog checks and being forced to pay for expensive repairs that dont make our cars run any better because we remember how polluted our skies once were and accept its for the better. To think around us that thousands of vehicles were spewing crud as we paid through the nose to comply is an outrage. I am sure those in states without stringent smog laws can’t see what a big deal this is, but it is.

  • batvette

    What is speculation, that a lot more people than just a few software engineers were in on this?
    This would require complete ignorance of the sheer numbers of qualified people and their efforts that go into tbe production of a modern automobile churned out in the kind of numbers VW does. Not to mention the service network of all the cars sold. While dealers are also crying victim I have a very hard time accepting that this was not a well known secret in every service dept of every dealership on the planet.
    C’mon now… the car goes into a special mode when hooked up for an emissions test that pollutes only 10% of what it does the rest of the time…and nobody noticed this peculiar anomaly in six years of service in 10 million units worldwide? We should not be surprised to see some tech bulletins issued to dealers with some thinly veiled terminology included to deal with questions that were coming back to VW from confused technicians.