Volkswagen Unsure if it Cheated on European Emissions Tests

Volkswagen Unsure if it Cheated on European Emissions Tests

Two weeks after admitting to cheating on U.S. EPA diesel emissions tests, Volkswagen is still not sure if it did the same in Europe.

The Volkswagen Group has admitted that it hasn’t established whether the illegal software was used during New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) testing in Europe. Although it has established that 11 million vehicles worldwide are fitted with the cheat software, the company is still compiling a list of definitive cars fitted with the diesel engine and the illegal software before it can determine whether or not it had cheated on the European tests.

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The German automaker declined to comment or speculate on how much effect the defeat device could have had on NEDC results if it did indeed cheat during European testing. It has been suggested that because regulations in 2009 weren’t as strict as those found in the U.S., that the defeat device would not be necessary for the Volkswagen diesel models to pass NEDC testing. In 2009, the EU5 emissions limit for NOx was 180 mg / km. In the U.S., legal limits were set at 70 mg / km at the time of testing.

[Source: Autocar]

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