Volkswagen Withdraws EPA Application for 2016 Diesel Models


Volkswagen has withdrawn its application for EPA certification on its 2016 model year diesel vehicles.

Without EPA certification those 2016 Volkswagen diesel vehicles cannot be sold in the U.S., meaning it could be quite some time before they’re able to leave dealership lots. The German automaker has been awaiting EPA approval for those models, but has withdrawn its request as part of its ongoing discussions with U.S. regulators as a result of the massive diesel emissions scandal.

The decision was disclosed today by Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn in a written testimony that he will deliver tomorrow at a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce committee. Part of his testimony will state that Volkswagen’s emissions control strategy included a “software feature” that should be “disclosed to and approved by” regulators as an “auxiliary emissions control device,” which are legal in the U.S. A Volkswagen of America spokeswoman confirmed to Automotive News that the software is different than the defeat device.

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Horn also elaborated that each of the three generations of the affected 2.0-liter diesel engines will require a different fix. The German automaker’s technical teams are “working tirelessly,” according to Horn, to develop a pair for the affected models. Some of the cars will need software updates while others will need to be fully outfitted with a Urea injection system.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • nauticalone

    So, wondering if the affected vehicles can be sold for export? Of course VWAG would have to authorize “new” vehicles can be sold for export. And the price would need to be heavily discounted!

  • smartacus

    This is looking quite ominous for the 2016 model year.
    i hope they stopped shipments of diesel VW’s from Mexico.

  • scott

    most likely the worst idea ever would be to stop selling diesels in the USA…..fantastic economical product that is used world wide in all markets…..whatever the tree hugging issue is here in the US its able to be addressed and fixed….there are millions of other environmental issues here in this world and diesels are not high enough on the scale to even register ….that is without the help of the obnoxious media ,sensationalizing a non story into something its not—

  • Mike

    Let’s see – 500,000 VWs affected in the US. 11,000,000 worldwide with over 8,000,000 of those in Europe according to VWs own press releases. How the hell is this the US Government’s fault. The simple fact is that the reason Diesels are so common in Europe is that European governments heavily subsidize diesel in the form of tax credits. Diesel may be cleaner in CO2 but certainly not in any other form of air pollution.

  • steveinglendale

    Right, it’s the “tree huggers”, EPA, and CARB’s fault that VW deliberately lied to and deceived world governments and 11 million consumers who depend on honesty and integrity from the once number one manufacturer whose title rested on their “Clean Diesel” moniker? I’m sick of appoligist for deliberate corporate malfeasence and duplicity. Get a real life. And I am a small business owner/corporation. GM’s moniker for decades was “What’s good for GM is good for the Country.” Look where THAT got them, and US!

  • smartacus

    you raise a good point.
    If they were concerned about the environment; they would do something about (or even pay the slightest lip service to) some of the diesel commercial vehicles including ambulances, fire engines, aaaand public busses.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Wasn’t it VW that stated they could run cars on clean coal?

  • craigcole

    Wow, just WOW.

  • Jerry Baustian

    This news should raise the value of all existing VW TDIs, even those not currently running.

  • MR

    They just picking on VW because they dont want diesels here because they’re too good. They want us driving unreliable, gas guzzling, automatics. Whose to say that every other company hasn’t done the same thing? And this is a small engine car, what about all the trucks, suvs, and sports cars everyone is driving around. Do you really think they are doing any better with those? Some of those probably have defeat devices. They are just picking on VW.