Yamaha Wants to Sell You A Sports Car


Yamaha’s latest machine has four wheels, but it’s definitely not an ATV.

Looking more like a tiny supercar, it foreshadows a possible new venture by the motorcycle maker into the real of automobiles.

Called the Sports Ride concept, it’s based on the iStream process developed by Gordon Murray; the man who created the McLaren F1. This isn’t the first time Yamaha and Murray have teamed up either, debuting the Motiv city car at the same show two years ago.

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As such, it’s designed to use lightweight materials and use technologies from Formula 1.

Nearly identical in length and width to the Mazda MX-5, it’s roughly 2.5 inches lower overall.

Weighing just 1,654 lbs, there’s no word on an engine, though the possibilities are endless. Not only is Yamaha entirely capable of making high-revving powerplant for small machines, they even created the spectacular 4.8-liter V10 in the Lexus LFA.

  • Joey Shreve

    If the price isn’t too far out in left field, I would buy this on sheer looks alone. This is one sexy car…

  • Jim Mc Cool

    Great looking car.

  • MA DI


    The man who created the LFA engine is the chief engineer of LEXUS engines division, but he used YAMAHA laboratory, because LEXUS’s labs are intended for V6s and V8s only .

    YAMAHA then makes changes on intake manifold to create an F1 sound .

  • Kinetis

    1600 lbs sounds expensive. Or I’m just old school that way.

  • Lennie Pike

    Guess it’s just a Lotus Elise taken a bit further. Some give Toyota credit for the Elise / Exige power but the reality is that they have Yamaha developed engines. So why not do this, Just let Lotus do the chassis.

  • smartacus

    wow, 2.5″ lower than a Miata??
    * and a Motiv for commuting is not a bad idea either

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I had no idea Yamaha created the engine for the LFA. That’s impressive.

  • Joey Shreve

    1600 lbs is the weight… I am sure it will cost a lot more than that…

  • Kinetis

    In order for a car to get its weight down to 1600 lbs, a lot of light weight materials need to be used. Materials that are light weight and stiff costs a lot of money.

  • fools

    Great looking car. But it would be nice to see the ASS end of the car, but the photograper rather take 3 of the same interior pictures instead.


  • johnls39 .

    In some ways this car looks like an Acura NSX shrunk in length. And it looks rather bulky. Perhaps a design study to gauge people’s reaction.

  • OWL649

    Great lines. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to drive!