2016 Cadillac CT6 Flagship Priced at $54,490

2016 Cadillac CT6 Flagship Priced at $54,490

Pricing and equipment details of Cadillac’s new flagship sedan have been revealed with the CT6 starting at $54,490 and topping out at $84,460.

The flagship sedan is offered with your choice of three engines: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a 335 hp 3.6-liter V6 and a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine that is rated to make 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.

While the four-cylinder turbo model is the base model, and arrives with rear-wheel drive, Cadillac also shared the price points of the V6 models equipped with all-wheel drive. The 3.6-liter V6 model with all-wheel drive will cost $56,490 while the twin-turbo V6 model with all-wheel drive will set you back $65,390.

The Cadillac CT6 will offer magnetic ride control, an on-demand all-wheel drive system, night-vision technology, a display screen and camera setup that is used in place of a rear-view mirror and a 34-speaker sound system.

Cadillac again pointed out that they are planning a plug-in hybrid version of the CT6, though they are keeping quiet about additional details of that model until closer to the launch date.

Cadillac also revealed what CT6 stands for: “Cadillac Touring 6”

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  • Craig

    Well? What version costs $84,460? I’m puzzled by this. The Cadillac CTS 3.6 AWD msrp is $56,280. And the CT6 3.6 AWD msrp is going to be $56,490?

  • Circa79

    the platinum model is $84k.

  • angry

    Not as much as I would have guessed.

  • Jeff Safire

    Platinum? Seriously? What exactly do you get for another $20k? Or, is it actually made of Platinum?

  • Jim Mc Cool

    I am guessing, but if you want the 400 HP version with all the trimmings, thats the one costing over $84,000. A lot of money to pay for the Cadillac name plate.

  • Circa79

    its the top trim level- it already exists for the escalade. Basically fully loaded with some higher end materials and trim inside. Rest assured a well equipped 3.0L TT model is going to be a lot more than $65k. That is just the base price for that model. So there wont be a $20k gap between a well equipped regular turbo model and the Platinum.

  • Circa79

    Escalade already costs that much. They sell a lot of them.

  • I’m still a V8 Cadillac man. Love the new cars but I love that V8 rumble. Especially in a Cadillac.

  • Ezra Stone

    I love Caddy’s always have but I was wondering why is GM cloning all of their Cadillac’s the ATS, CTS and XTS all look the same and now the C6 is a perfect reflection of it’s predecessors. I’m a car guy, a Caddy guy, yet it’s hard as hell to differentiate any of the Caddy models from one to the next. I thought it was me but I asked my son to see if he could tell one from the other and he found it hard to do as well. We didn’t stop there we asked his daughter, my sweet little grand baby who is following in our footsteps and is quite good at calling out the names of just about every car there is and ninety five percent of the time she’s right or darn close. Even she say’s “PaPa, which one is that”? I have to confess to her, I don’t know baby girl, I just don’t know but I used to, they all look the same now. I’m a little concerned about the pricing as well, I’m not going to pay, even though I love them dearly, eighty five grand for a Cadillac that looks like a big ATS, there are just so many other options now a day’s, sorry GM you can do better than that, you did before and I’m gonna wait for you to do it again and for the right price, the right quality and the right look.

  • Reckoning Day

    Cadillac is where it’s at. Don’t waste your money with stupidly overpriced European wannabees…..

  • Hilton Camons

    This is actually what a CTS should cost if you compare it to E class and 5 Series. The CT6 is in S class and 7 series echalons so its pretty cheap. My money would be on the CT6 if I was in this market for a car and I’d blow the savings on accessories

  • OutsideofWashington

    Cadillac needs to be priced cheaper than a MB or BMW to attract a new breed of buyers. Hyundai has priced the Genesis correctly and that’s why I went from a CTS. More car with the Genesis than the CTS.

  • Jamaal T Alexander

    Even though prices are going through the roof still priced right.

  • David Wood

    I have and love the 2014 CTS 2.0T. Sized right for me and got it for a price comparable to a loaded Camry. So a bargain. The ATS, CTS, XTS and CT6 are great looking cars and all look a little too similar to each other BUT at least the Caddys look different than any other brand rolling down the road. I don’t have to look real close to see that it’s not a Kia, Honda or Hyundai… or is is a BMW or MB?. Don’t know the weight but the CT6 looks like a lot of car to move with the base engine though.

  • 1BigOptimus

    I always think it is really weird when someone tries to compare a Genesis to a CTS. While these two cars may be in the same class they are nothing alike. Yes you can get some similar gadgets and amenities like the CTS, but the Genesis chassis is not nearly as capable and fun to drive as the Cadillac. I found the Genesis comfortable but overly soft even in sport mode. And forget about trying to corner with it. Nothing against the Genesis but it’s like comparing apple to oranges to mention it against Cadillac. Maybe cross shop it with a Buick but not a CTS. The Genesis is not sport sedan. Then there is the looks. Overall it looks sharp but to me it seem like a collage of what Hyundai thinks a luxury car looks like, from the Audi like grille to the over all BMW shape and rear quarter panel, Audi tail lamps, Mercedes interior and dash. There is nothing original about it.
    As for the CT6 pricing, seems about right. I actually thought it would be more expensive given all the patented technology and materials it overs. I’m betting V version of this car would be up around 100K.

  • It is a good thing when a glance tells you who made it. Why can’t Tesla get beyond derivative knockoff design with something that immediately says, “Tesla.”

  • Tre Deuce

    Great looking automobile, but I question the 4-cyl in this model and the lack of a V8. And, it doesn’t have to be a ‘V’ model V8, just an injected one with no super or turbo charging. Got to have the smoothness of a V8 in a Cadillac, the sound of a V8.

    My first car was a 48′ Cadillac ’62’-Series convertible, with the last Caddy Flathead V8.

  • Jay Thomas

    You can get a 400hp sedan from other manufacturers a LOT cheaper. This is priced against the E class and the 5 series, but the Caddy just doesn’t stack up against either. I’m hoping the next Caddy will be one that I’d put in my garage.