2016 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang Answers COPO Camaro


The latest iteration of the Ford Cobra Jet Mustang has been unveiled at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Serving as an answer to the new Gen Six Chevrolet COPO Camaro, which also debuted at SEMA, the 2016 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang will be limited to just 50 units compared to the COPO Camaro’s 69. The turnkey race car is legal for National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Stock and Super Stock classes, as well as several classes in the International Hot Rod Association, National Mustang Racers Association and National Muscle Car Association. For 2016, the Cobra Jet Mustang will be available in Oxford White or Deep Impact Blue, with each color limited to 25 examples.

Under the hood, the Cobra Jet Mustang’s engine consists of 75-percent production Mustang GT components with the addition of a front inlet Whipple supercharger. As delivered, Ford claims that the Cobra Jet Mustang is capable of delivering eight-second quarter-mile times.

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Other additions to the Cobra Jet Mustang include drag race-specific coilover shocks and springs, lightweight racing brakes from Strange Engineering, 8.50-certified roll cage, Aeromotive fuel system with trunk-mounted fuel cell, Corbeau FIA seats, five-point race harnesses and a race-prepped automatic transmission.

The 2016 Cobra Jet Mustang will be sold as a performance part without a VIN and the MSRP for the base car will be set at $99,990. The popular graphics option will run $1,995 while a wheelie bar will cost $1,995.

“The modern Cobra Jet has performed for our customers and put Ford in the winner’s circle consistently since 2008,” said Dave Pericak, director, Ford Performance. “The new car is the first Cobra Jet built off the all-new 2015 Mustang – the only factory 2016 Mustang with a solid-axle rear suspension. We are excited to see it compete.”

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  • smartacus

    if you find one on Craigslist with only 100 miles on it,
    it just means it’s had 50 quarter-mile passes and back 🙂

  • dennis

    that would be 400 passes…..

  • mudslide

    Would 200 passes and back be 100 miles?

  • Enstein

    Dennis failed math… lol!!

  • E=mc2

    Dennis… lol!!

  • Roy Derksen

    yep, but you forgot the slow down distance, and the get to the track distance, and the burnout prep. Probably about a full mile a run.

  • Chris Daigle

    I was wondering how long it would take to get this out.