Bugatti Opens Two New US Showrooms, But Isn’t Selling Any Cars

Bugatti Opens Two New US Showrooms, But Isn’t Selling Any Cars

Bugatti opened two new showrooms in the U.S., and this is the first time a showroom has been designed by the automaker for its dealer partners.

Currently, Bugatti has 27 dealer partners in 13 countries. Opening two new showrooms is a surprising move considering the fact that the French brand doesn’t have any cars to sell right now — Veyron production has ended and its replacement hasn’t officially been revealed yet.

Bugatti’s latest dealer partners are Manhattan Motorcars in New York and Braman Motors in Miami. The New York location is almost 1,000 square feet and the Miami location is nearly 2,600 sq. ft. The showrooms were designed to give customers a luxurious brand experience, and use Bugatti’s signature blue throughout the space. Each showroom also has a heritage section that highlights the brand’s rich history.

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“North America is a very important market for Bugatti. About a quarter of our Veyron series, which is sold out, is located in North America and customers here are showing phenomenal interest in the next Bugatti super sports car. Its development is running at full speed,” said Dr. Stefan Brungs, member of the board of management of Bugatti.

Bugatti is planning to open more showrooms across the world in Tokyo, Munich and Monaco in the future.

  • smartacus

    1000 sq ft is just about enough for 1 Bugg and 4 easy chairs
    and no baffroom 2 go #2 in

  • johnls39 .

    Surge of interests for a limited production successor costing way over a million warrants additional dealers around the world?

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