Ford Might be Planning a Hotter Focus RS


Rumors of an even hotter version of the already potent Ford Focus RS are circling the Internet. 

According to Autocar, Ford is considering putting together a special version of the Focus RS that would pack a more potent power-to-weight ratio thanks to pounds being shaved from the car. The car’s 345 horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine may also be boosted, though it likely won’t be by a large amount.

The use of carbon fiber-reinforced bodywork, aluminum suspension components and lighter brakes are some of the ways that Ford could cut weight from the Focus RS. A stripped out interior and less noise insulation will also help the car lose pounds, with Autocar claiming that the RS may lose up to 220 pounds.

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Some of the actual running gear additions may include a new electronically controlled limited-slip differential in the front axle along with a dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Ford is targeting German hot hatches like the Mercedes-AMG A45 and the Audi RS3, which run from 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 and 4.3 seconds respectively. If the even hotter Focus RS does show up, Ford will certainly push to out run both of those cars.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Tony Flores

    How much weight would it save making the 2 door one instead of the 4 door???

  • Chris Daigle

    I am waiting for Ford to start using aluminum in more models soon. Maybe an Aluminum bodied Focus with Carbon hood, trunk and other parts? That would save another 300 pounds or so. Also, the 2 door model idea is a good one and would save more money than aluminum and carbon.

  • Sleestak

    You lost me at “automatic transmission”…you mean queer gears?!

  • Draebe Killas

    Some people like the way a manual gives you more connection to the car, some people want the car to be as fast as possible. The new dual clutch automatics are simply superior for both all out performance and for fuel economy, which is why most performance cars are moving that direction.

    Porsche claimed that when they were developing the new GT3 RS, they decided not to offer a manual because it lost half a car length to the automatic at each shift. I agree with that logic, because faster is always better.

    Who cares what the guy behind you thinks about your automatic?

  • Sleestak

    A whole car length?! Man, there is always going to be someone faster than you and anyone who cares will mod the car anyway. You cant tell me that the new slush boxes make you feel anywhere near as connected to the car as a true manual transmission. If they want to offer it, fine but don’t leave out the rest of us who understand how to use a manually properly in a car that was built to be driven not just point and go.