Ford to Revive Ranger and Bronco, Both Trucks to be Built in Michigan

Ford to Revive Ranger and Bronco, Both Trucks to be Built in Michigan

Ford will revive the Ranger pickup and the Bronco SUV and will build both trucks in Michigan, two details revealed in a contract agreement with the UAW.

The American automaker has reached a tentative agreement with UAW that would bring $10,000 in signing bonuses and $9 billion in new U.S. product investments, retaining or creating 8,500 jobs. The agreement still needs to be voted on, but includes a commitment to manufacture the Ranger midsize pickup at the American automaker’s Michigan Assembly Plant. In addition, Ford plans on reviving the Bronco nameplate, which would be built in Michigan as well.

It is expected that Ford will stop making the Focus and C-Max families of vehicles in Michigan in 2018.

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As a result, production of the Bronco is expected to begin after the Ranger, no later than 2020.

The tentative agreement includes $70,000 in retirement bonuses for select production and skilled trades workers; commitment to add 1,200 skilled trade apprentices; $2,000 signing bonus for temporary employees with at least 90 days on the job and retirees get $1,000 in four annual $250 cash payments or gift cards.

The national council has approved the agreement and it will now be sent to the union’s 52,900 Ford members for ratification in a voting process that will likely take at least a week.

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  • Pro_usa1776

    Hmmm, I wonder how many liberal Barack Hussein Obama supporters are going to trade their Asian automobile in for a Union Manufactured US automobile?

  • timothyhood

    This has me curious about what platforms these new vehicles are going to use. The old Ranger spawned the Bronco II which became the Explorer. The current Explorer is maybe 10″ shorter than the shortest F-150, so a Ranger could work off of that platform, but then you’d think the Ranger would be built in the same factory as the Explorer. Of course, this could be a new platform for the Explorer and a site change as well.

    But, more interesting is what will the Bronco be? Will it be like the original full-size Bronco or the Bronco II? My guess is that it will be more like a Bronco II, meaning it will share the platform with the new Ranger, which will probably be a new platform (for the U.S., anyway) and not share with the Explorer (at least until the 6th generation). I would guess the Bronco is going to be a bit less off-road serious, likely using unibody construction and independent suspension and ending up being something like a tougher-looking SUV, sized near the Edge.

  • Jimi

    Well I voted for Obama. And my current 11 year old Asian Acura TL (assembled in Ohio) will be ready to be traded in by 2020 (yes, I’m hoping to drive it till then)… and guess who owned a Ford Ranger in college and who was sad to see them stop being made in 2011? Yep, this liberal, hippie guy right here. If the Ranger comes back, it will be at the top of my list of cars to replace my Asian vehicle with. Regardless of my political affiliations, the only three car companies I personally would buy from these days are: Honda, Toyota and Ford.

  • Delcy Voisine

    How about Hyundai which makes superior vehicles?

  • Jimi

    My comment wasn’t meant to put down other automobile manufactures. I simply wanted to point out to @pro_usa1776:disqus that there are people more than willing to invest in american companies (and foreign companies where they are at least assembled in the U.S.) regardless of who they voted for.

  • Drew

    It seems weird thinking that the Bronco would be sized near the Edge especially since you have the Explorer right above it. It would make sense for a Bronco to be built similar to an F150 like the old ones but they did say it was going to be at the Michigan Assembly Plant which is where the Focus and C-Max are built now, as opposed to 10 miles down the road at the Dearborn Truck Plant. I am anxious to see…

  • Jim Farnsworth

    It’s going to become a very crowded midsized truck market. Ford better have a better idea. I know there has been a lot desire for the ranger and bronco to be brought back but most of the people were thinking the ranger and gen 1 bronco of the past. I think there is a market for the small pickup like the old ranger but propably not enough profit margin.

    The old utilitarian bronco has most likely been replaced by UTV’s and there greater acceptance on rural and suburban roads. I’m skeptical that there is enough market for another SUV. Good luck Ford!

  • phil

    yeah okay loll

    in your opinion maybe ..

  • OsamaBinLimbaugh

    Even one built by GM?

    Cuz we know how right-wingers hate America . . .er, I mean GM.

  • johnls39 .

    Every time I think of Bronco, I think of O’Jay Simpson.

  • Luke Sayre

    Mechanics don’t let friends drive Hyundai… The only reason mechanics like them is because they are garunteed money, they always need something… Fun fact, if you look closely you will find a radioactive symbol on the heat shield of your Hyundai… Which begs the question…. Why?

  • Us_ranger

    Yea…..if ya like crap…

  • Derek Schwartz

    A big selling point to me would be a solid front axle, instead of yet another IFS that is weak and difficult to lift. Solid axles would instantly make it an off-road enthusiast’s dream. Another IFS SUV … is just another IFS SUV.