Gallery: The Most Awesome Nissan GT-Rs from SEMA 2015


The Nissan GT-R is a legendary machine that has proven to be a popular platform for aftermarket tuners.

We scoured SEMA for the best GT-Rs, and there are a lot on the show grounds, but the best one is a KHUL Racing GT-R that was shipped to Las Vegas from Tokyo specially for this show. This is the craziest GT-R we’ve ever seen and it’s one of the most epic cars at SEMA this year in general.

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This custom GT-R has a stunning metallic finish that’s been hand engraved, and as it that wasn’t enough, the car also has an aggressive widebody kit, custom alloy wheels and a bunch of performance upgrades.

Flip through the gallery above to check out the KHUL GT-R and other awesome Godzillas we saw at SEMA this year.

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