GM Offering Box-Delete Option on All Full-Size Truck Models

GM Offering Box-Delete Option on All Full-Size Truck Models

General Motors is broadening the appeal of its truck range by offering a box-delete option on all of its full-size pickup models.

This setup eliminates the bed, rear bumper and spare-tire assembly from rigs so equipped. High-rate springs are also included, as is the front stabilizer bar from the company’s Max Towing Package. This helps these pickups perform better when handling loads that approach their maximum payload capacity.

The real news here is that GM is offering this on light-duty 1500-model trucks with regular cabs. It can be specified on both two- and four-wheel-drive models for enhanced versatility.

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But why would anyone want a truck without its most useful feature, a cavernous bed that can haul all manner of messy cargo? Well, believe it or not, this arrangement is particularly appealing to fleet operators that custom up-fit their rigs. They have unique payload requirements and other special needs and the box-delete option is ideal for them. Supposedly customers have been “clamoring” for such a feature and now GM offers it.

But it’s not just for corporate clientele. Retail customers can also snag a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra sans the bed if they so desire. Going for the box-delete option will save buyers $575. The spare tire can be added back for a fee of $335.

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  • iammrmail

    What a ripoff. Can they spare it. At that price I would use it as a planter first

  • Ninja250

    Hmmm… So the box is worth $575 to GM? I guess that makes the whole truck worth what? Maybe $16k-$17k (the price I paid for my 1998 W/T 1500). I think I’ll wait until the Chinese start importing trucks before I buy a new one…